Home Hunts in the Press

The Good Property Guide – Beautiful property in Grasse

The Good property Guide is a luxury lifestyle and property magazine focussing on beautiful homes from around the world. This glossy magazine comes out bimonthly and features luxury property and interesting lifestyle features from around the globe, read the online version of the magazine here… In the latest issue, there was a lovely full page […]

The Sunday Times – How Macron has boosted the French Property Market

Great article in the Sunday Times about the French property market and how the election of president Macron has brought a lot of optimism. The feature includes comments from HH director Tim Swannie including: According to Tim Swannie of Home Hunts, good places further south where cost-conscious Brits might find value include Grasse, in Provence, […]

The Times – Property in Annecy, French Alps

The Times ran a nice review of lake Annecy this week, the interest in this beautiful area is growing stronger and stronger at present with people from all over the world showing interest in Annecy and Talloires particularly. The online version of the article is here but this is behind a paywall so if you […]

Absolutely Magazine – Riviera property feature

Absolutely magazine is a glossy lifestyle magazine covering some of the wealthiest districts of London. The publication focuses on property, interiors, style and other lifestyle features, it is delivered to many neighbourhoods throughout the city. In this latest issue, there is a great article about luxury properties in some of Europe’s most sought after destinations, […]

Sunday Times – Eric Clapton’s farmhouse in Provence

Little article in the Sunday Times “Moving On” section at the weekend regarding the Provence property of Eric Clapton: Even guitar heroes aren’t immune to the perils of trying to flog a second home.Eric Clapton has put his unassuming farmhouse in Provence back on the market. The 10-bedroom home, which had a €3.25m price tag, […]

Live close to the chateau from Sky Atlantic’s new Riviera series….

Nice little article which appeared in 36 different UK based publications this month regarding the new Riviera series which was recently launched by Sky Atlantic. This glossy series is based all across the French Riviera and includes some stunning scenery and beautiful properties. One of the properties is called Chateau Diter which is located in […]

The Times – Where the Brits are buying to beat Brexit

Interesting article from the Times newspapers talking about the most popular areas at the moment for British people to buy second homes… Brits are back in Europe in a quest to acquire the perfect foreign property before we depart from the EU. Research of prospective British buyers carried out for BNP Paribas International Buyers, the […]

The Times – Brits escape across the Channel

The Times newspaper ran an interesting story regarding President Macron and his call for unhappy Brits to relocate to France… The article includes an overview of the changes Macron is due to make to tax laws etc which will help to attract those living in the UK and also includes an interview with some Brits […]

The Telegraph – The Real (estate) Tour de France

Great article from the Telegraph this week which follows the route of the Tour de France and discusses some of the properties available for sale on the way… The Tour de France is already under way and is stopping in many stunning French locations. The article includes comments from HH director Francois-Xavier de Vial as […]