Home Hunts in the Press

Financial Times – Homes with inspiring studies

Great article from the FT at the weekend focussing on five homes from around the world with interesting and inspiring study spaces The article includes properties from South Africa, New York, London, Mallorca and also this beautiful apartment in Paris from Home Hunts:    

The Times – The Two Rivieras

Interesting article from The Times newspaper, mainly focussing on the Italian Riviera but also mentioning the French Riviera too. The article includes comments from HH Director, Tim Swannie “The Italian Riviera is much more informal” says Tim Swannie, the founder of the property-buying agency Home Hunts. “When you cross the border you can feel almost […]

Sunday Times – Safest Spaces to buy property in Europe

The Sunday Times ran an interesting article regarding pleased to buy property in Europe where you can get away from it all. Areas where you can use get away from it all and live in your own bubble… The article includes comments from HH Director Tim Swannie regarding properties in Provence and South West France […]

Financial Times China – French Chateaux

The FT ran a great article recently regarding the market for French chateaux. This is the Chinese version of the article for all of our Chinese clients to enjoy. The feature includes properties from Home Hunts and comments from Home Hunts director Tim Swannie. See the online version in Chinese here

Telegraph – Where to hunt for better value property in the south of France

Great article from the Daily Telegraph this week which focusses on some of the lesser known towns and villages in the South of France where you can get a little more for your money. The feature specifically talks about Grasse on the French Riviera, La Croix Valmer next door to Saint Tropez and also Beziers […]

Daily Telegraph – Wealth tax cuts good for the French Property market

Interesting article from the Telegraph which focusses on the tax cuts which were just announced by president Macron and will come into effect in January 2018 The article talks about the changes and how it will affect the property market potentially. With quotes from Home Hunts director Tim Swannie, the article mentions the benefits for […]

Daily Mail – How the Macron effect is luring British buyers back to French property

Interesting article from the Daily Mail talking about the French property market and how the election of Emmanuel Macron has affected the property industry in France. The article includes comments from Tim Swannie, director of Home Hunts as well as some of our partners. Read the online article here Tim Swannie, of Home Hunts, says […]

French Property News – Making your holiday home pay

Interesting article from French Property News magazine entitled “Sea or Ski”, the feature focuses on properties by the sea versus properties in the mountains and discusses the pluses and minuses and the rental returns both can offer If you are considering purchasing a french property but are not sure where, this article could be great […]

Financial Times – The Rebirth of Paris’s Prime Property Market

The FT published an article focusing on the top end of the property market in Paris. The feature talks about the fact that the prime property market has really picked up throughout the city in recent times: The election of President Emmanuel Macron appears to be waking up Paris’s prime property market. Prices, which saw […]

Sunday Times – Why The Gers is the perfect place to buy a holiday home

Great article in the Sunday Times yesterday which talks about The Gers (or Gascony as it is also known) in South West France. Property in the Gers offers great value for money and the scenery in this area is stunning. The article includes interviews with owners of property in the Gers and also includes lots […]