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The Sunday Times – How Macron has boosted the French Property Market

Great article in the Sunday Times about the French property market and how the election of president Macron has brought a lot of optimism. The feature includes comments from HH director Tim Swannie including: According to Tim Swannie of Home Hunts, good places further south where cost-conscious Brits might find value include Grasse, in Provence, […]

The Times – Where the Brits are buying to beat Brexit

Interesting article from the Times newspapers talking about the most popular areas at the moment for British people to buy second homes… Brits are back in Europe in a quest to acquire the perfect foreign property before we depart from the EU. Research of prospective British buyers carried out for BNP Paribas International Buyers, the […]

Vive la France! The Election of President Macron set to boost French property market

This week has been a superb week for France and the French property market. On Sunday 7th May, France elected Emmanuel Macron its new President of France. The centrist politician won two-thirds of the vote, far outstripping his far-right rival, Marine Le Pen. The 39-year-old is the youngest person ever to be elected leader of […]

French Property News – Brexit: Will I still be able to buy a property in France?

Interesting and informative article from Complete France, the website from French Property News Magazine. This article was first published in July 2016, straight after the UK referendum and it was updated at the end of March 2017… They have asked experts for their views on the ability to buy French property in post-Brexit Britain. The […]

The Move Channel – How are the elections impacting the French property market?

  Interesting article from The Move Channel talking about the upcoming elections in France and how this is affecting the French Property market. There are comments and insights from HH director Tim Swannie. Here is some of the article: This April, voters in France will go to the polls to choose their next President. What […]

Property Secrets – Outlook for the French property market in 2017

Interesting article about the French property market and how things are looking for 2017. The article includes comments from the Notaires de France and some French based agents, including Home Hunts of course: FULL ARTICLE HERE “Tim Swannie, director of Home-Hunts, which specialises in higher-end property, says it has seen enquiries drop from UK clients, […]

Prime Location – Meet the men who help millionaires find homes

With a client list that includes Hollywood A-listers, hedge fund managers and the internationally well heeled, Tim Swannie and Francois-Xavier de Vial’s Home Hunts aims to take the hassle out of house hunting When your job is to help the rich and famous find their next home, discretion is key, says Francois-Xavier de Vial, co-founder […]

Luxurious Magazine – Why French Property remains in such high demand

Interesting article from Luxurious Magazine relating to the French Property market, the feature includes quotes from HH director, Tim Swannie (read the full article here) Some of the article here: A recently-released report about the French property market reveals that house sales are up 11% compared with last year (838,000 houses sold at the end […]

The Move Channel – French Property sales set to continue growing throughout 2017

The Move Channel is one of the market leading websites for international property. They recently ran an interesting article regarding the French property market which includes some input from Home Hunts and a number of our partner agents in France, as well as some interesting statistics from organisations such as “Notaires de France” Here is […]