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The Essential Guide for Moving to France (11 Things You Need To Know)

Relocating to a brand new country is exciting. Exploring a new culture, tasting new cuisines, meeting new people. Before the fun can begin, though, you’re going to have to make your way down an overwhelming, sometimes stressful path. When buying property in France and making a big move, here’s what you need to know to help things run as smoothly as possible.

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Why buy a property in Saint Tropez?

The uncertainty of the stock market, caused partly by the continuing political upheaval in the West, is leading investors to buy property in Europe’s safe-haven locations, such as Saint Tropez…

It is a testament to the stability of the French property market that in these times of political uncertainty more and more people are looking to buy property in France. Home Hunts has found that after the British voted to leave the European Union, the number of enquiries from UK-based clients wishing to relocate permanently to France has been rising.

Now, following the surprise presidential election of Donald Trump in the USA, the number of investors turning away from the stock markets in favour of second or third vacation homes in Europe is also increasing.

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4 Things Overseas Buyers Need to Watch Out for When Buying a Home in France

Buying a home in France can be an exciting prospect. A brand new lifestyle is just around the corner…once you get through the paperwork and home buying process. One thing that most people are unprepared for is how much the legal process of buying a home in France differs from that of their own country.


Taking a holiday in France is quite a bit different from moving there and being a full-time resident. When you’re on holiday, you can indulge in the food and wine, learn about the culture during relaxing afternoons, treat yourself to designer shopping trips, soak up the sun on the Mediterranean. All things considered, it’s no wonder why France is the world’s most-visited country. Continue reading

3 Stunning (Must-See) Luxury Properties For Sale in Nice

Located between Cannes and Monaco, Nice is France’s fifth largest city and one of the most luxurious locations for purchasing property on the French Riviera. Property here is both cosmopolitan and luxurious in design, with many spacious homes including lavish features like cinema rooms, summer kitchens and in-house gyms. Whether you’re in a residential or urban area, you’re bound to have a sea view, swimming pool or both.


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Top five château outside of Paris

This hand-picked selection of luxury châteaux offer easy access to Paris, elegant interiors, landscaped grounds and historic architecture…


France is famous for its spectacular châteaux, but while the Loire Valley is particularly renowned for its selection, welcoming more than three million visitors each year, every region in France is home to architecturally striking châteaux, both to visit and to buy.

For those who want to keep in touch with life in the capital, there are abundant châteaux properties on the market with different prospects, from holiday homes to permanent estates and income opportunities.

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The Expat’s Guide to Health Care in France

The health care system in France is widely known for being both excellent and reliable. France has been a pioneer in the medical research field for centuries. France also has fewer restrictions on medication than the UK does, giving hospital patients a lower likelihood of getting an infection while being treated. When it comes to health care coverage, people have a lot of choices and, as a result, receive consistently high-quality care. Patients are often satisfied with the health care they receive and they feel that the value they get is well worth the cost.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a French Property in the Dordogne?

Considered the best French destination for visitors by Lonely Planet and one of the most desirable locations to own property in France, what is it about the Dordogne which makes it so popular with buyers?

The Dordogne is a French department famously popular with expats and tourists. For buyers looking for property in France – whether a second home, permanent residence or income opportunity – the Dordogne’s unique blend of community, culture and commercial prospects provide a unique set up in the South West of France.

dordogne property

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Home Hunts launches its award-winning property-finding service in Spain

If you are seeking luxury property in Spain, Home Hunts now has all the resources to help you find your dream Spanish home.

property finder service in Spain

In September Home Hunts launched its hotly-anticipated property-finding service in Spain. Founded in 2003 on the French Riviera by Tim Swannie and François-Xavier de Vial, the company has expanded over the years to cover the most desirable locations in France, as well as Monaco, London and New York. Continue reading