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The Expat’s Guide to Health Care in France

The health care system in France is widely known for being both excellent and reliable. France has been a pioneer in the medical research field for centuries. France also has fewer restrictions on medication than the UK does, giving hospital patients a lower likelihood of getting an infection while being treated. When it comes to health care coverage, people have a lot of choices and, as a result, receive consistently high-quality care. Patients are often satisfied with the health care they receive and they feel that the value they get is well worth the cost.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a French Property in the Dordogne?

Considered the best French destination for visitors by Lonely Planet and one of the most desirable locations to own property in France, what is it about the Dordogne which makes it so popular with buyers?

The Dordogne is a French department famously popular with expats and tourists. For buyers looking for property in France – whether a second home, permanent residence or income opportunity – the Dordogne’s unique blend of community, culture and commercial prospects provide a unique set up in the South West of France.

dordogne property

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Home Hunts launches its award-winning property-finding service in Spain

If you are seeking luxury property in Spain, Home Hunts now has all the resources to help you find your dream Spanish home.

property finder service in Spain

In September Home Hunts launched its hotly-anticipated property-finding service in Spain. Founded in 2003 on the French Riviera by Tim Swannie and François-Xavier de Vial, the company has expanded over the years to cover the most desirable locations in France, as well as Monaco, London and New York. Continue reading

10 Essential Things To Consider When Moving to France

Moving to France is a huge, exciting decision. Your lifestyle will completely change. This type of relocation doesn’t come without its challenges, though. There’s quite a bit of red tape to deal with when planning a big move. If you can prepare for these obstacles in advance, you’ll have an easier time jumpstarting your new life when you arrive.

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6 (Must See) Luxury French Coastal Properties For Sale

Majestic villas and apartments in the French Riviera offer sea views and multiple bedrooms, private beach entry and in-home gyms. French Riviera real estate comes with more than tennis courts, heated swimming pools and cozy home theatres, though. You’ll also be able to live a jet set lifestyle with access to exclusive parties and events, gourmet restaurants, and designer boutiques. You’ll bask in year-round sunny skies and celebrate at cultural events every season.

French Coastal Properties For Sale

Let us showcase six French coastal properties for sale which boast prestigious locations, high-end amenities and a characteristically glamorous way of life.
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7 Common Questions Asked by Vineyard Buyers in France

Europe is leading the wine industry and it has France to thank. There are so many different types of grapes that are cultivated in France because of its wide range of climates. Both well-known and rare varietals are grown there, all of them contributing to France’s established wine culture.

French Vineyard Property

Owning a French vineyard property comes with a storybook-worthy lifestyle as well as the opportunity for a booming business. With 1.9 million vineyard acres to choose from, you’re sure to find the property that fits perfectly with your dreams and aspirations.

Even though buying vineyard property in France may be well worth it, the process can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. It’s important to understand the basics, especially if you haven’t had experience running this type of property before.

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French Property: Escape to the French Riviera

If you are looking to buy property on the French Riviera, here is the lowdown on locations that can give you more for your money.

Property for Sale French Riviera

While property sales show no sign of slowing down for Home Hunts, the forthcoming Brexit – Britain’s future departure from the European Union – is likely to slow down the number of British buyers purchasing in the EU in the months ahead.

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6 Key Things You Need to Know Before You Buy French Property

There are many advantages to owning French property: immersing yourself in a new language and culture, living in the chateau or Paris apartment of your dreams, indulging in local cuisine on a regular basis. Buying property in France is quite different than buying property in the UK, though. France has different rules for everything from electricity and gas supply to swimming pool safety. Even if you’re familiar with UK real estate and home buying, purchasing French property comes with its own set of regulations and facts to learn.


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