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Buying French Property: 9 Things to Think About

What a great year to be buying French property: interest rates are low, prices have dropped, and exchange rates are improved. At this point in time, France’s real estate couldn’t come with better value. Purchasing French property isn’t a simple process, though. Since the French market doesn’t operate in the same way as the U.S. and UK markets do, it can be especially tricky for first-time buyers, this is where a specialised property buyers agent like Home Hunts comes in.

Consider these nine tips when preparing to purchase French property.

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The Appeal of Owning a French Vineyard Property

Europe dominates the wine industry and France is at the helm. Many people dream of owning a French vineyard, but just an exclusive bunch actually make their dream come true. Imagine taking a stroll through green vines exploding with colorful grapes. Behind the vineyard, the sunset washes everything with a warm glow. You sip a glass of wine that was made from your own land.

France is a desirable country to relocate to thanks to its rich history, dynamic culture and diverse beauty. While a holiday home may be enough for some, others aren’t satisfied until they own french vineyard property. Over the last few years, there’s been exponential growth in overseas buyers looking into and purchasing vineyards.

French Vineyard Property
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Prime Property Hotspots in France for 2015

Narrowing down your real estate search to just the prime property hotspots in France means making smarter investments. According to the French National Real Estate Federation, there was an average drop of 1.5% in property prices in 2014. Last year’s inquiries and sales saw an increase of 35% when compared to 2013. Currently, France’s buying conditions are too tempting to pass up, thanks to flexible pricing, low interest rates, and other favorable conditions. Coveted real estate in France is primarily located in the Alps, Languedoc, Paris, Provence, the Riviera, and the south west.
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What You Should Know About Buying Property in Paris

buying property in paris

Floor-to-ceiling windows. Wrought-iron balconies. Gilt-framed mirrors. Five-minute walks to the museum. Unparalleled views of the river. Paris will always be a great place for real estate, thanks to the city’s immense popularity, beauty, and culture.

Whether you dream of buying property in Paris, an apartment in the center of the city or you’d prefer a home in a peaceful residential area, both urban and suburban living is possible in Paris. Singles and couples without children prefer central locations, while families often look to the outskirts in order to purchase a house.

Yes, the cost of living in Paris is high, but consider how much you get in return. You’re not just investing in a home, but also a Parisian lifestyle, complete with exciting days and nights in a sophisticated city, some of the world’s best bistros and bakeries, gorgeous scenery, access to the highest fashion, and surroundings filled with world-famous landmarks and museums. Continue reading


It’s no secret that Provence is a prized location for those in search of the better life; luxury villas at affordable prices, great flexibility in the market, a warm climate all year round, and much more promise than London’s property inflation, which at present demands over £500,000 for an average house. But for those in the know, and we mean really in the know, there’s so much more to France and its Provençal region than just great weather and more brick for your buck. Provence is a podium for the finest French food and drink; unlike anything else in the country.
Property buyers who love not only great weather and wonderful scenery, but great food and drink too, will find the Provence region an ideal place to relocate or to buy a second home. For the cuisine in this particular province fuses Mediterranean influences, creating a completely unique and distinctive style of French cuisine.

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There’s a ski resort for every kind of skier; whether you’re a humble beginner looking for a short break in the beautiful French Alps or an advanced skier in search of a luxury holiday home in your favourite resort, there really is so much choice and variety in France.

The experts at Home Hunts have been managing luxury properties in The Alps for almost a decade and here they provide a quick guide on some of the main resorts to consider when you begin your property search, as well as some featured chalets to whet your appetite.

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Val d’Isère recently topped the list compiled by Skyscanner for the Top 10 Ski Resorts for Apres Ski across the globe. The resort achieved the number one spot followed by other lively resorts such as Meribel (also in the French Alps), Mammoth Mountain in California, St. Anton in Austria, and Zermatt in Switzerland. With such a lively nightlife and a huge range of restaurants for both tourists and residents, the Val d’Isère resort is a massive draw for those who are looking to relocate in the famous French Alps.
Seasoned skiers will know that no two resorts are the same, each one offering something completely unique. And whilst Courchevel offers the finest luxuries for the rich and famous and Les Gets boasts traditional Alpine charm, Val d’Isère has the best nightlife around, making it the ideal relocation choice for young people or single travellers looking for somewhere to meet new people.

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La Grande Dame en Fer, AKA The Eiffel Tower

Possibly the most symbolic thing about Paris, the Eiffel Tower, or as it’s colloquially known, the Grand Iron Lady, is located in the 7th Arrondissement. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, let alone Paris. Therefore, you know that living in this area, you are going to guarantee an absolutely stunning view.

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Paris Saint Germain

If you are a football fan, whenever you hear the words “Saint Germain”, you may immediately think of PSG, one of the strongest football teams in the whole of France. However, when talking about the 6th Arrondissement, we are referring to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the home of the historic abbey and some of the best streets for shopping in Paris. As well as all the classic French designer boutiques, there are some small specialty shops, which really set the 6th Arrondissement apart. They even have an amazing chocolate store, Patrick Roger, where they treat the chocolate like art, which is an absolute must-see for chocolate lovers.

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300 days of summer in Briançon

300 days of summer in Briançon

If you are a fan of skiing, then reasons to move to Briançon are pretty obvious. It is part of the world-famous ski resort Serre-Chevalier, with 250km of connected pistes. This is most popular during the winter, which would make sense because Briançon boasts 300 days of sunshine every year. It is also the tallest place in the whole of Europe, let alone France. Another great thing about Briançon is that it is only 13km from the Italian border and so you get to live extremely close to some amazing Italian towns if you ever fancy a change of scenery.

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