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Five Must-See Equestrian Properties For Sale in France

If you are looking to buy an equestrian property in France, these are five good investment opportunities which are recommended by Home Hunts

Five Must-See Equestrian Properties For Sale in France

France is popular with overseas buyers seeking homes with equestrian facilities. With prices still low in many areas and interest rates offering excellent mortgage deals, buyers can finance well-equipped equestrian properties in France that would be financially out of reach in many other countries, such as the UK. Continue reading

Five up-and-coming locations for property investment in France

With the French property market making a comeback and prices starting to increase across the country, buyers are seeking up-and-coming locations for savvy real estate investments. These five locations are considered to be “ones to watch” by Home Hunts.

Five up-and-coming locations for property investment in France

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The French property market has made an impressive comeback over the last decade. In the first half of 2017, record volumes of property sales were made in France. According to Notaires de France, in May 2017 there were 907,000 transactions made during the previous 12 months from May 2016, beating the record from May 2006 of 837,000. Continue reading

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property

Interior design pros know just how exciting a time it is at the moment. Property design experts and homeowners alike are in love with contrasts right now: light colours mixed with deeper hues; sleek, modern design with period styles scattered in; and earthy materials elevated with touches of opulence.

Here are 8 interior design trends that are taking over the luxury property world.

1. Brass Finishes

Brass finishes introduce a shiny gold tone to the home, but instead of polished brass, which has a reflective finish, the muted finishes of satin or brushed brass are popular. Brushed brass is also traditional enough to coordinate with a variety of styles and neutral enough to look great next to just about any color. For an eclectic, artsy look, mix satin brash with a few other finish types. You will find this to be a very popular feature in many of the luxury properties in France today.

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Why Annecy should be top of your house hunting in France list

The perfect year-round location for business and pleasure, entrepreneurs, families and retirees are looking to buy property in Annecy  

property in Annecy

With famous landmarks, such as the Pont des Amours (the lovers’ bridge) and the Château d’Annecy, which overlooks the city and its turquoise-blue lake, Annecy is renowned for being a historic and romantic town.

Yet its appeal stretches far beyond its considerable touristic treats. The town’s positioning by the lake and mountains, and proximity to the airport, means that it is also a thriving economic hub that is good for business, family life and property investment. Continue reading

Where to Buy Property in France if You Want a Slower Pace of Life

Rural France is the perfect place if you’re after a quiet life. Homes here are fully renovated, with tons of space for entertaining and hosting guests. Outbuildings provide opportunities for extra accommodation, office space or even business premises. There’s often enough land to build on, plus easy access to lakes or mountains. If you are looking for a mellow lifestyle then consider these picturesque areas in France.

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Paris to host 2024 Olympics, further strengthening the city’s property market

Paris is celebrating its successful bid to host the Olympic Games in 2024, but so are property owners and investors as the decision boosts the Parisian property market

Paris to host 2024 Olympics, further strengthening the city’s property marketA century after holding its last Olympic Games in 1924, Paris has been officially selected to host the 2024 Olympic Games. It also hosted the Summer Olympics in 190, making it the second city to host the Games three times (London is first, hosting in 1908, 1948 and 2012).

The financial investment into the Games and the benefits to the Paris region are going to be hugely advantageous to existing property owners, but this planned modernisation of key areas in the city is also causing buyers who were considering buying a Parisian property to finally make the move. Continue reading

5 Beautifully Landscaped Luxury Villas in France

Lush, green gardens with bold, colorful flowers and fragrant shrubs are undoubtedly a treat for the senses, but landscaping has more to it than just curb appeal. Well-maintained grass improves air quality by keeping the surrounding area cool and increasing oxygen. Plants can cut down on noise pollution, turning a garden into a private, relaxing oasis.

If you’re looking to invest in a new home that will act as a stress-free haven, then searching for one with stunning landscaping will be a top priority.

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5 Luxurious Things to do in Marseille

The capital of the Bouches du Rhône department on the Côte d’Azur, the once gritty port of Marseille has transformed from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly.

As the European City of Culture in 2013 and the European Capital of Sport in 2017, this remarkable city now contrasts striking modern architecture, like the MUCEM museum, with ancient landmarks such as Notre Dame de la Garde, an iconic structure unique to Marseille.

With the spectacular Calanques National Park not far from the Vieux Port, which has been completely rejuvenated by architect Norman Foster, and 300 days of sunshine a year, this incredible city is brimming with culture, heritage, Provençal prowess and modern excellence.

5 Luxurious Things to do in Marseille


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Where to Buy French Property if You Want to Run a Vineyard

It seems like more and more French property buyers are looking to invest in a vineyard, whether for hobby or commercial use, or both. Vineyard property in France gives buyers the opportunity to retreat to a holiday home for part of the year or to relocate full-time.

Vineyard property ranges from quaint and petite, like stone residences set next to a hectare or so of vines, to spacious and sprawling, like airy farmhouses that look out over endless rows of grapes. Your new home can be as modest or as grand as you’d like.

Often, vineyard property includes a cellar with room for barrels as well as space for wine-making. Depending on the property you choose, you may also become the owner of wine-making equipment, such as thermo-regulated tanks. The best part about purchasing a vineyard, though, is that you’ll be in a wine-producing town, which are known for being hubs of cuisine, culture, festivals and indulgence.

Owning vineyard property in France means redefining your life in a brand new and completely exciting way. Here are 8 wine producing areas of France to consider if you are looking to invest in a vineyard.

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