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Best Places to Buy Property in Saint-Tropez?

Saint-Tropez is one of the most desirable locations in the world to own a home. For those looking to buy property in Saint-Tropez, here are three of the area’s most sought-after property hotspots.

Buy Property in St Tropez

Saint-Tropez, a quaint fishing village, is renowned for becoming one of the most glamourous seaside resorts in the world. With spectacular beaches, including Plage de Pampelonne, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and Maures mountains, and luxurious waterfront properties, it has long attracted the wealthiest and most famous people in the world. Continue reading

5 Top Tips for Moving to France from the UK

France is a popular relocation destination for UK residents who want either a full-time home or a holiday property. Proximity alone is a big perk for UK residents who want to relocate, but France’s diverse properties and locations make the decision even more appealing. Where else can you can live in a ski chalet in The Alps, a luxury apartment in Paris, seaside on the French Riviera or overlooking a vineyard in Bordeaux? It’s no wonder why so many UK expats are spread throughout France, from city hubs to secluded rural settings.

moving to france from the uk

Moving to another country is invigorating and adrenaline-pumping, but it can also be jolting. Holidaying in France isn’t the same as picking up your entire life and moving there. Once you’re settled in your new home, the not-so-exciting facets of real life are going to set in. Instead of moving on a whim, take your time to prepare and plan for your move. This will help you assimilate and get to know the country you’ll soon call home. Continue reading

What to Expect at the Cannes Film Festival 2016

Cannes is no stranger to exclusive parties, posh events and Hollywood’s elite. The 69th Festival de Cannes, also known as the Cannes Film Festival, will be held from May 11th to the 22nd at the Palais des Festivals on the world famous Croisette with the beach at it’s feet. The festival’s purpose has always been to bring attention to the films, directors and actors that profoundly contribute to the world of cinema. The nearly two weeks of cinema celebration greatly boosts the worldwide film industry while bringing celebrities and the media to Cannes.

cannes film festival 2016
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The Best Places to Live and Buy Property in the Dordogne

The Dordogne is famous for its spectacular scenery, delicious local food and wine and expat community, but where are the best places to buy?

Property in the Dordogne has long been a favourite with overseas buyers, and particularly the British. The region attracts a wide cross-section of people, from families making a permanent move to France, to retirees and those seeking a traditional French lifestyle and income opportunities through the tourist trade.

best places to live in the dordogne
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Five Tips When Buying Property in France

Looking for a property in France? Here are some tips to help you get the best deal possible when buying property in France.

It is an excellent time to be buying property in France. As prices have dropped and interest rates are still low, it is a buyer’s market and there are some attractive deals to be made. While this could be one of the most exciting purchases of your life, it is important to not get swept away with a “coup de coeur” (love at first sight) and do all you can to get the property that is right for your practical needs as well as your heart.

buying property in france

Here are some tried and tested tips to help you secure your dream property. Continue reading

Best Places to Eat on the French Riviera

Luxury and superyachts are synonymous with the French Riviera, but the culture of the region goes far beyond opulence. Fishermen, gourmet markets, food purveyors that have been around for years and classic French restaurants can all be found here as well.

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How to Choose the Right Investment Property in the French Alps

Buying a second home in the French Alps, where you can spend your days in a luxurious, high-end chalet near a premier ski resort, is a no-brainer if you love winter sports or charming towns fit for the festive season. With enquiries and sales surging, ski property in the French Alps is now in even higher demand than before.

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Five of the Best Château For Sale in France

Authentic French châteaux are always in demand, especially when they have been luxuriously renovated and offer second income opportunities. Here’s a selection of Home Hunts’ current favourites and what we consider to be some of the best Château for sale in France.

Last year a record-breaking 800,000 older properties were sold in France, proof that the charm and allure of traditional properties in France is stronger than ever. Topping the list for overseas buyers are usually picturesque fairy-tale châteaux, located a short drive from the airport, adorned with manicured gardens and a sparkling blue swimming pool.

At a time when interest rates are low, the right currency pairings (such as pound to euro and dollar to euro) offer attractive reductions and vendors are making irresistible deals with buyers, it is an excellent moment to kick-start a search for your dream château, whether for private use or to develop into an income opportunity.

Photo of a Château For Sale in France

Here are five of the top château for sale in France offering beautiful grounds, a swimming pool and good airport access. Continue reading

The Perfect Place to Buy French Property: Lot

A quiet yet spectacularly beautiful department, the Lot is gradually being discovered by buyers seeking property for sale that offers privacy, space and income opportunities.

Dordogne River, France

Part of the old province of Quercy, the Lot is on a cultural and gastronomic par with the neighbouring Dordogne, but with a more favourable climate and fewer inhabitants. It also has similarities to the Dordogne’s scenery, with dense green forests and sweeping vineyards, but in many places the Lot’s landscapes are rugged and wild, with valley peaks that offer breath-taking views over the countryside. The Lot’s quiet roads make cycling and walking a delight, and canoeing, fishing and horse-riding are also popular pastimes in this department. Continue reading

How to Enjoy the South of France During the Winter

Accessible destinations that are enjoyable even during the wintertime don’t get much more delightful than the South of France, an area that’s idyllic year-round whether you’re looking for a full-time residence or a getaway home. Airfare is notably lower in the winter, particularly in November and from January through March. Keep in mind that prices will be high around Christmas and the week before Easter.

While temperatures in the South of France do drop during the winter, the change is much smaller than in other places throughout Europe. Most days, you’ll be able to head outside without bothering to wrap up in multiple layers. If your home is in the French Riviera, you may even enjoy balmy days that are warm enough for a quick swim.

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