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HOMEHUNTS is an award-winning French property specialist that finds historic French castles, stunning manor houses, grand country estates and luxury french chateaux for sale. Home Hunts will handpick a selection of French chateaux for sale that meets your requirements and specifications, whether you’re searching for a family home or an income-generating property. French chateaux come in all degrees of preservation, from 19th-century turnkey homes in small village locations to properties with that will increase in value after modern renovations are added to the plentiful living space already on offer as well as luxury features such as a swimming pool.

When you’re searching for a French chateau for sale that will meet your needs, you’re also searching for a lifestyle. France is known for timeless and dignified, prestigious property, like 17th century castles teeming with romance and mystery and historic chateaux that date back as far as the 12th century that have become the focal point of the surrounding landscape.

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