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HOMEHUNTS is an award-winning French property specialist that finds historic French castles, stunning manor houses, grand country estates and luxury french chateaux for sale. Home Hunts will handpick a selection of French chateaux for sale that meets your requirements and specifications, whether you’re searching for a family home or an income-generating property. French chateaux come in all degrees of preservation, from 19th-century turnkey homes in small village locations to properties with that will increase in value after modern renovations are added to the plentiful living space already on offer as well as luxury features such as a swimming pool.

When you’re searching for a French chateau for sale that will meet your needs, you’re also searching for a lifestyle. France is known for timeless and dignified, prestigious property, like 17th century castles teeming with romance and mystery and historic chateaux that date back as far as the 12th century that have become the focal point of the surrounding landscape.

Why Buy a Chateau in France?

chateau for sale in franceThe fairytale spirit of French chateaux attracts buyers who are looking for characterful living space and who want to retain high value for the cost of the property. Launch a renovation project on a historic 18th-century building, finding a magnificent château for sale that’s habitable but in need of light redecorating or find a stunning manor house that can be enjoyed from your first day of ownership.

Owning a spectacular chateau estate in France means owning a piece of French history. Live out your dream in a large 17th-century chateau or a tower-topped french castle. Practically every department in France has a selection of French chateaux for sale. The assortment of opulent French chateaux is what makes the country a premier destination for luxury homebuyers.

An assortment of chateaux for sale in France can be found with all of the amenities you have your heart set on, including outbuildings, a guest house, original stone fireplaces, parquet flooring or even a swimming pool or tennis court. French castles and chateaux have a unique style of decor, either blending styles from various periods when the home was renovated or keeping the same style throughout from when the home was first built.

Why Are French Chateaux So Popular?

The U.K. reality TV series Escape to the Chateau has drummed up a lot of interest in French chateaux, but the appeal is obvious whether or not you’ve seen the show. There are endless types of chateau properties available in France, and the beauty of owning one is that you can design exactly how you want to live – and even how you want to work.

An array of options include family homes as well as income-generating properties. Offer hotel accommodation, run a wedding venue, turn out timber production or consider various types of tourism business ideas, like a vineyard, fishing and hunting, equestrian classes, wildlife-watching or outdoor sports.

Most chateaux in France have at least one hectare of land. When you take in the panoramic view from your home, all of the grounds you see around you will be your own. You’ll be able to find a small building surrounded by acres upon acres for your horses or a large home with just enough land to offer privacy and serenity as well as original features and luxury additions such as a swimming pool.

How Expensive Is a French Chateau?

The cost of a chateau in France can carry more value than other properties in France. Often, what you’re paying for an ideal location, along with the chance at a great view – one you’re competing against other properties for. When looking for a château for sale in France, your view is the magnificent property that you actually own.

In general, a habitable chateau for sale in France, you’ll be looking to spend between 500,000 and 750,000 euros. If you’re interested in a project property in need of renovations, the cost will be lower than that – but you’ll have to factor in the cost of renovations.

Where Are the Best Places To Find a Chateau For Sale in France?

Chateaux in France can be found in all types of settings: in the tourist-friendly areas of the Midi-Pyrénées, in low-key Provence with access to vibrant Cannes, and amongst the vineyards of Bordeaux and Dordogne, just to name a few. There are chateaux for sale in practically every part of France, including some areas of Paris. Whether you want to live near the Alps, by the glistening waters of the French Riviera or in the countryside of Provence, there are chateaux to explore. Guests will also love the ability to easily travel between countries in order to make the most of their holiday.

An Overview of the Process on How To Buy a Chateau

When buying a french chateau – or when you’re purchasing any French property – you’ll first negotiate conditions, price and terms with the seller. Once those details are worked out, you’ll sign the agreement, called the compromis de vente. There’s a 10-day cooling-off period after you sign, and once that duration passes, the agreement will be legally binding for both parties.

Next, you’ll pay a deposit (most often to the notaire), which is typically 10% of the purchase price. The deposit is refundable during the cooling-off period, but once that passes, you won’t be able to get the deposit back if you change your mind about the purchase.

To finalise the purchase of French property, the process typically takes up to two to three months. Throughout this time, you’ll pay for the property, and that payment will also be held by the notaire. The notaire will also get all of the documents in order, including the deed of sale (called the acte de vente). Once finalised, your dream home in France will be ready for you to make it your own!

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Our portfolio of luxury chateaux includes a vast selection of historic castles and grand estates in France including the south west Occitanie region (formerly Languedoc Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées), Lot et Garonne, Poitou Charentes, Provence and Paris. The displayed portfolio is only a small selection of what is available, as many properties are not advertised due to the owner’s discretion. HOMEHUNTS has partnerships with immobilier throughout France, so our property consultants can handpick a selection of chateaux that closely meets our client’s requirements.

To find your ideal chateau property in France, use our property search facility above or call our team of property consultants directly at +33 (0)970 44 66 43 to talk about your specific requirements.