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HOMEHUNTS property agents are able to select beautiful, luxury Avignon property for sale based on your specific search criteria. Search the HOMEHUNTS website and browse our selection of luxury homes. You can also speak directly to one of our property consultants by calling +33 (0)970 44 66 43.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Avignon

There’s a lot to do in Avignon and north provence, but the lifestyle in these areas is more laidback than you’ll find somewhere like Paris. Yes, you have the city of Avignon and the famous wine centre of the Rhone, but the South of France is known for relaxed luxury.

With plenty of sunshine every year and olive orchards taking up a good portion of the landscape in Avignon, you’ll be tempted to pull out your camera or easel to capture the scenery. And the Rhône wine region is one of the world’s best, boasting the notable Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The Découvertes en Vallée du Rhone wine fair also attracts winemakers from around the globe.

The South of France’s Avignon is a walled university city set on the left bank of the Rhône river in Provence, amongst medieval architecture you can’t help but gape at. It’s the capital of the Vaucluse department and one of the country’s few remaining fortified cities that have been preserved.

The Rhone Valley is a major wine-producing region, located in southeast France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It follows along the Rhone river, stretching from Lyon to the Rhone delta on the coast. There are several different types of soil types in the region, allowing Rhone to produce a broad selection of wines.

Avignon’s historic centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. This is where you’ll find the Palais des Papes, a palace that served as the Pope’s home when he was traveling to France. This is arguably Europe’s most important gothic building, and it’s undoubtedly a focal point of Avignon. Other prominent structures include the Pont d‘Avignon, a bridge that dates back to 1177 and still has a few surviving arches; the Avignon Cathedral, built in the Romanesque style; and the Musée du Petit Palais, housed in a 14th-century building.

As one of France’s most beautiful and energetic cities, Avignon is surprisingly well-preserved, giving you a glimpse back in time thanks to historic buildings and lots of museums. But that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past — that old-world charm is complemented by modern conveniences. Cultural and social activities abound in Avignon, too, from Provençal dining and bustling farmers markets to arts festivals and theatre performances. In the summer, the Festival of Avignon puts on hundreds of shows at various theatres.

If living a gourmet lifestyle is on your bucket list, Rhone may be the perfect place for you. A Mecca for food and wine lovers, you’ll have access to everything from the world-famous Beaujolais vineyards to Michelin-starred restaurants in the city of Lyon, which is at the heart of the region. Plus, since Rhone is so easy to reach from Europe and the U.K. and is a tourism hotspot, investing in rental property here may be wise – if you can bear to stay away for part of the year, that is.

Since you can’t spend all of your time dining and drinking, you’ll want to head outside for fresh air and maybe some exercise, too. Luckily, Rhone has plenty of outdoor spots to walk, jog or cycle, especially with the Monts du Beaujolais and Monts du Lyonnais ranges right there. The traditional villages are picturesque and lovely to stroll around, and the Beaujolais des Pierres Dorées has castles, churches and houses built with stunning golden stone, which changes color as the light moves.

The renovated farmhouses, village houses and Provencal bastides you’ll find in Avignon and Rhone are romantic and full of character. Common features include bright living spaces, multiple en suite bedrooms, fireplaces, game rooms and cinemas, wine cellars, and workshops. While expertly restored, many homes here have nods to their past, which can be seen in cross-vaulted ceilings, original woodwork, high ceilings and stone features.

Walk out onto your terrace in the morning for panoramic views of the mountains or vineyards in the distance. On the main floor, a veranda may lead to the rest of the outdoor space, allowing for covered, open-air dining before heading to the private garden, courtyard or pool.

Some properties even have rental or B&B potential if you’re after a commercial investment, or you may be able to add buildings to the land if you want more living, working or storage space.

The best way to purchase property for sale in Avignon or the Rhone Valley is to work with a property agent. You’ll get expert-level knowledge of the area and the types of properties available, and you’ll also have access to non-public listings that a lot of other buyers never get the chance to see.

When you’ve found a home in Avignon or property for sale in the Rhone Valley that you love, you can make an offer in writing, which will be given to the seller. When the seller accepts your offer, you’ll sign the Compromis de Vente. That’s where you can find current information about the sale, though the details may change before they’re finalized.

Next, there’s a mandatory 10-day cooling-off period. During this time, you can change your mind about purchasing the property without paying any penalties. After that, the 12-week conveyancing process begins, during which multiple home assessments will take place.

When you and the property owner have reached an agreement about the sale, the Acte de Vente will be drawn up, and you’ll both sign it. Once you make the final payment, the property is officially yours!

HOMEHUNTS property agents are able to select beautiful, luxury Avignon property for sale in the Rhone Valley based on your specific search criteria. Search the HOMEHUNTS website and browse our selection of luxury homes. You can also speak directly to one of our property consultants by calling +33 (0)970 44 66 43.

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