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SARL Home Hunts
55, rue Saint Ferréol
13001 Marseille

Limited liability company with an Authorized Capital of 10 000€.
Siret : 482 943 339 00010
Code APE : 703 A

Fees and Mandates :
All of the properties listed on the website are the object of a regular sales mandate, registered on the Home Hunts mandate register or by our French agent immobilier partners.

When a property is mandated directly by SARL Home Hunts, the following fee scales apply:
All properties below 2 million Euros : 6% VAT included
All properties above or equal to 2 million Euros : 5% VAT included

When a property is listed on our site through a partner immobilier via delegated mandate, the fee structure that applies will be the one of the partner agent, holder of the sales mandate. Please ask us to confirm if you are unsure of the fees associated with a specific property

All of the property prices displayed on the SARL Home Hunts website include the agency fees with 20% VAT unless clearly marked otherwise. We do not charge an extra fee for our property search service

Law n°70-9 of January 2nd 1970 – Decree n° 2005-1315 of October 21st 2005 modifying the decree n° 72-678 of July 20th 1972. SARL Home-Hunts holder of the professional ID card n° CPI 1310 2016 000 003 365 delivered by the Prefecture des Bouches du Rhône.

Professional Liability Insurance : Allianz
Policy – 413.191.58
Broker : Verspieren SA – 8 Avenue du Stade de France – 98218 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex

Time, effort, research and care is taken to ensure the information we include on this site is accurate. We cannot fully guarantee its accuracy however & reserve the right to change information on this site at any time. You may check our legal notice and terms and conditions for alterations if you intend to use the site.

SARL Home Hunts makes no warranties of any kind with respect to the content of this website including text, links, graphics, and advertisements). Whilst the entire Home Hunts team strive to provide the most up to date and accurate information, we do not make any representation or give any guarantee or undertaking as to the condition, accuracy, suitability, completeness or freedom from viruses of the content contained on this site.

Copyright And Trade Marks
SARL Home Hunts reserve the right for the design and layout of this web site and its contents as well as all logos and images used within. You may not copy or reproduce this site or incorporate the site into any other website. You may only display, download or print copies of the content for your own personal non-commercial use.

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SARL Home-Hunts
Siège social : 55 Rue Saint Ferréol. 13 001 Marseille
Société à responsabilité limitée au capital de 10 000 Euros. Transaction sans maniement de fonds.
Siret : 482 943 339 00010
Code APE : 703 A

Règlementation :
Loi n°70-9 du 2 janvier 1970 – Décret n°2005-1315 du 21 Octobre 2005 modifiant le décret n°72-678 du 20 juillet 1972. SARL Home-Hunts titulaire de la carte professionnelle n° CPI 1310 2016 000 003 365 délivrée par la préfecture des Bouches du Rhône.

Assurance R.C.P. : Allianz. Police N° 413.191.58
Courtier : Verspieren SA. 8 Avenue du Stade de France. 93218 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex.
Transaction sans maniement de fonds.

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