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What are the property hotspots of Monaco?

If you could buy a home in Monaco where would you choose to live? Here are some of the top places to settle in this famous principality on the French Riviera

Monaco might be the second smallest country in the world, but it is also home to some of the most expensive real estate. With a population of under 40,000, it offers residents low-to-no tax rates and an ultra-glamorous lifestyle from its sun-kissed position on the Mediterranean coast.


If you are looking to buy property in Monaco, the port, Fontvieille, the Carré d’Or and Larvotto are among the most sought-after locations in this tiny principality. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Buy Property in Monaco

Monaco, one of  the world’s most desired locations, is like something out of a dream, a movie, or a fairytale. It’s small, less than one square mile, and in high demand. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Southern Alps, the proximity to both the water and the mountains is one of the main selling points of owning property in Monaco, not to mention the tax incentives of course…

Located on the Cote d’Azur, Monaco is a sought-after locale for some of the richest people in the world, the city boasting a prominent concentration of exceptionally wealthy people. Signs of luxury are all around, with super yachts being a common sight, making the area ideal for boating enthusiasts. People who buy property in Monaco tend to be professional athletes, including golfers, cyclists and F1 drivers. There are also classical musicians, rock stars, models and members of Hollywood’s elite living in Monaco.



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According to CNN, Monte Carlo is one of the healthiest cities to live in, rated alongside other top cities across the world. On the CNN 10 Healthiest Cities list, Monte Carlo ranks third, behind Copenhagen (Denmark) and Okinawa (Japan) in first and second place.Whilst Copenhagen ranks first for its relaxed pace of life and healthy working hours, and Okinawa ranks second for the longest life expectancy, Monte Carlo snatches third place for the best pre natal care and as a result, the lowest infant mortality rate.

Property HH-7137894-1

Property HH-7137894-1

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What to do on your luxury break in Monaco

Monaco and luxury are synonymous, so if you like to live the high life there is no better destination. Located on the Cote d’Azur Monaco enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every year, which can be enjoyed from the stunning golden beaches, the terraces of innumerable awesome restaurants and cafes, or from your own balcony in a Monaco hotel, villa or apartment.

What to do on your luxury break in Monaco

What to do on your luxury break in Monaco

Your corner shop in Monaco will be Chanel or Gucci and passing cars will be Ferraris or Maseratis. Your neighbours might be movie stars or European royalty, so this is the place to be if you enjoy the finer things in life.

If you are planning a trip to this sovereign city-state you have a huge amount of choice when it comes to passing your time, but here are a few pointers so you don’t miss out on some of the main attractions.

Monte Carlo

If you visit Monaco you can’t really miss Monte Carlo, the largest quarter of this principality on the French Riviera. It is situated at the base of the Maritime Alps so the vista here takes in the sparkling turquoise ocean, the bustling quarter itself and the mountains that climb steeply in the backdrop of the hotels and villas.

Monte Carlo is particularly famous for its plethora of casinos, located fittingly on the Place du Casino. This is the area that draws in international playboys, ‘it girls’ and wannabe James Bonds. The perfect place for a vodka martini, perhaps?


As we have mentioned, the names above local shops are more likely to be haute couture and jewellery than grocers and newsagents, so if you like doing some high end retail therapy you can’t go wrong in Monaco.

As well as famous designer names you will also stumble across numerous exclusive boutiques that you won’t find anywhere else, making the lure of their wares even greater!

Beach life

If you are staying in a private property without access to a beach you will have to cruise into Monte Carlo to the community of Larvotto. This is the only public beach in town but numerous resorts have their own strips of golden sand. In Monaco you are bound to love every bit of beach you come across anyway, and a trip out on a yacht or speedboat will allow you to take in the entire coastline while living like a movie star.

If you really love Monaco then you can even invest in your own holiday home here. Luxury apartments and villas are available from Home Hunts and buying could give you a permanent base in this oasis of glamour.

Could Cristiano Ronaldo be Looking for Property for Sale Monaco

According to the Independent, Monaco is looking to bid £85m for Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. The transfer could see the football star moving to a multi-million pound pad in one of the most exclusive and desirable locations in the world.


With a lot of money at their disposal, Monaco could soon be coaxing Christiano to purchase a palatial property for sale in Monaco. From stunning apartments with sea views to extravagant hill top villas, Ronaldo should have the pick of the litter when it comes to luxury property in Monaco.


Depending on where he wanted to be, Ronaldo could live directly by the football stadium in Monaco. Alternatively, there are numerous luxury villas further afield that offer more space. With his own helicopter, he could turn up to work at the helipad right by the stadium.


Footballers coming to live in Monaco will often enlist the services of an agent’s buyer to ensure they find the right property for their needs. Whether they are looking to entertain their fellow teammates or relax in their own infinity pool overlooking Monaco’s harbour, a good buyer’s agent like Homehunts

Monaco FC

Monaco FC

will find the ideal luxury abode for their jet setting lifestyle.

The Cost of Living in Monaco

Whilst you may think that living in Monaco is expensive due to the wealth of the world residing on its doorstep, Monaco is in reality quite affordable and not dissimilar to prices you may pay in any other popular European city.

The Cost of Living in Monaco

The Cost of Living in Monaco

After the initial purchase of a luxury apartment, which is an investment in itself, the rest of the day-to-day expenses are pretty standard. Groceries, clothing, gym memberships, transportation and utilities are quite reasonable considering you are living amongst some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Milk is 70p per litre, a typical meal out at the local restaurant is around £13.50 per head and broadband internet is around £24 per month. So once you have settled into your new luxury home, there isn’t much to worry about with regards to your monthly spend.

When it comes to purchasing a luxury property in Monaco, you can get more for your money just a little further out of the centre. The cost of buying an apartment falls from £26,991 to £16, 869 per square metre when you choose to reside outside of the centre.

With the added bonus of living in a tax haven, you could be saving money simply by purchasing a luxury piece of real estate in Monaco that is almost guaranteed to hold or increase its value.

Monaco Boosts Power to Supply Luxury Developments

Monaco is hoping to double their electricity capacity in the coming years to serve the growing demand for power. Luxury property developments, commercial constructions and general expansion of the town is stretching the current electricity supply.

Monaco Boosts Power to Supply Luxury Developments

Monaco Boosts Power to Supply Luxury Developments

Monaco is known for its keen interest in building properties with sustainable energy solutions. However, demand is still high and Monaco is undergoing extensive modernisation as its luxury real estate is revamped to meet the needs of today’s wealthy investors. Planning for the future ensures their supply can meet demand with the completion of projects like the Odeon Tower.

This is good news for investors looking to purchase luxury properties in Monaco or invest in future developments. Many of Monaco’s luxury properties are already built with sustainability and green living in mind. Such extravagant and opulent properties can cost a great deal to run, even when residents are away.

At the height of Summer, Monaco uses around 80% of its energy capacity to fuel things like air conditioning and refrigeration units. As a result, it helps to purchase luxury properties built or modified with sustainability in mind. HomeHunts can help you find a lavish Monaco property that is immoderate in its design yet efficient to run.

Business is Pleasure in Monaco

How many times do you hear people complain about their profession when really you know it’s the lifestyle they are allowing themselves to live alongside it? Monaco is one place where you don’t have to distinguish between the two; business is pleasure.

Business is Pleasure in Monaco

Business is Pleasure in Monaco

Monaco plays a very important role in global business affairs thanks to its location, its distinguished residents and the wealth of industry professionals that frequent the region. Monaco is at the very centre of global trade and industry, a playground poised to entertain clients and investors from around the world.

Monaco is not just a place for people of leisure, it is a bustling hub of business deals from a variety of industries. Whether your business is in banking, finance, trade, shipping or research, Monaco caters to all sectors, making it the ideal location to open an office.

A Monaco based business speaks volumes of any company and that is why so many choose to reside in the country, purchasing luxury real estate in Monaco and surrounding regions.

Getting your business set up in Monaco is easier than you might imagine. The Monegasque government welcomes and encourages foreign business that supports the region.

It is also a great place for networking, whatever your niche. With so many rich and influential business people around, you are sure to come across those who can help you to grow your business further. As such, it is a principality of opportunities and secure investments.

Top Reasons to Move to Monaco

Monaco accounts for 2% of luxury real estate for sale in the world, which is a lot when you consider its size. As the second smallest country in the world, why is it that so many rich and famous people choose to live there? Aside from the glorious weather and glamorous lifestyle, what does Monaco really have to offer you once you move there?

Fountains at dusk in Casino square in Monaco

Tax Haven – The main reason many celebrities, sports stars and business royalty move to Monaco is to reduce the income tax they must pay to other countries. Monaco residents are not subject to pay tax on their worldwide income. Some countries will insist that Monaco residents pay tax to them should the majority of their earnings originate in that country, however, residents working sporadically or all over the world can avoid paying it altogether.


Luxury Real Estate – Another reason many people choose to live in Monaco is to purchase a piece of luxury real estate. Monaco’s magnificent properties attract investors from around the world. Their palatial and extravagant homes are nothing short of extraordinary, making Monaco a weird and wonderful place to live.


Safest Place to Live – Despite all the luxury on show, Monaco is one of the safest places to live in the world. Crime rates are low and the police force is renowned for its efficiency. If you want to put your wealth in Monaco, you can bet it is in safe hands.


Perfectly Situated for Business – Monaco is a great place to live as it is perfectly situated for easy travel between major European cities and stunning destinations. Just 30 minutes from Nice airport and close to France and Italy, it is ideal for businessmen who require easy access to industry hotspots.

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Monaco Penthouse to Become World’s Most Expensive Apartment

A Monaco based penthouse could sell for an estimated £256 million once completed, becoming the World’s most expensive property per square metre.

Odeon Tower, Monaco

Odeon Tower, Monaco

The multi-story penthouse on the top floor of the Odeon Tower will be 3300 sq. metres of pure luxury. As well as a private terrace with views overlooking Monaco, this plush pad will boast an exclusive roof top infinity pool with enormous waterslide and its own chauffeured limousines.

With seventy luxury apartments, two duplexes and a palatial penthouse, the 170m twin tower located on the Mediterranean’s coastline will be right at home amongst Monaco’s rich and famous. Monaco is home to some of the most opulent properties in the world, attracting wealthy investors from around the globe.

Odeon Tower is poised to take “luxurious living to dazzling new heights”. Luxury Monaco properties like this sell a lifestyle, not just a house. From housekeeping to valet services, everything is catered for to suit Monaco luxury living.

If you are looking for a luxury property in Monaco, talk to HomeHunts today and find stand-out style amongst world-class homes