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Collection of articles about luxury property in Paris, France from the award winning property specialists, Home Hunts.

5 Luxury Paris Apartments: Perfect for a Millionaire Lifestyle

If you’ve always had your heart set on living in Paris, and have an extravagant budget to play with, then there are plenty of luxurious properties available for those who like the finer things in life. These luxury homes are so large and grand, it will be hard to believe you’ll be living in a city centre apartment. Who said you have to sacrifice space and luxury to live in one of the worlds most romantic and chic cities?

5 Luxury Paris Apartments: Perfect for a Millionaire Lifestyle

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3 Simple questions that will help you find your perfect Paris property

Three ways to help you find your dream home in the City of Light

Are you looking to buy a property in Paris? If you are then you will know only too well that the choice of different arrondissements and range of properties can provide thousands of different options and result in a time-consuming and complicated property search.

Property in Paris

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4 of the Most Expensive Neighbourhoods to Live in Paris

Each one of Paris’ 20 arrondissements has its own set of characteristics, historic sites and real estate property types. The artistic influence of Saint-Germain-des-Prés can still be felt in the streets and exhibitions of the 6th. Quintessential Eiffel Tower views can be gazed upon from the terrace of your 7th arrondissement apartment. Avenue Montaigne in the 8th is a dream destination for fashion lovers. Serene Trocadéro in the 16th attracts families who want to live in the city but still have a private, suburban experience. Choose a neighbourhood with the personality to fit your vision of the perfect Parisian lifestyle.

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6 Things to Consider When Buying a Luxury Apartment in Paris

Paris truly has everything that’s wonderful in life: gourmet cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class art and music, historic sites with rich backgrounds, complementary exhibits and performances, and an urban way of life with a touch of natural, green surroundings. When searching for the perfect place to live, luxury apartments in Paris can be new, contemporary and spacious or classic, intimate and romantic. Here are six things to consider when buying a Paris apartment.

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French Property: Escape to Paris

Already one of the most coveted cities in the world, the government’s new proposals for Paris include improved taxes for companies and more international school options

While new stories about the potential impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union flood the media, speculation is circulating about where Europe’s financial centre will be. Paris, the most visited city in the world, is a strong contender, making it an even more savvy real estate investment opportunity.

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Where to Live in Paris

Paris has so many different types of neighborhoods or arrondissements to choose from, each with its own character and distinctive set of qualities. For those looking to invest in this wonderful city is can be difficult to know where to live in Paris. If you’re looking to buy property in Paris then it’ll be helpful to know what to expect from each arrondissement as you go about your hunt for a new house or apartment in Paris.

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The Best Places to Live in Paris

More than 30 million people visit the Paris region each year and it is currently on target to beat London again for most visited city in the world. With London’s property prices having risen 121% between December 2005 and June 2015, and real estate in Paris by 60%, according to data given to the Financial Times by Savills, Paris remains far more affordable than its English competitor.

There is more good news. Paris is also currently experiencing a growth period, with prices having risen nearly 4% in the first half of 2015, and this, combined with favourable exchange rates, means that it is an excellent time for overseas buyers to invest in property hotspots in Paris.

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What You Should Know About Buying Property in Paris

buying property in paris

Floor-to-ceiling windows. Wrought-iron balconies. Gilt-framed mirrors. Five-minute walks to the museum. Unparalleled views of the river. Paris will always be a great place for real estate, thanks to the city’s immense popularity, beauty, and culture.

Whether you dream of buying property in Paris, an apartment in the center of the city or you’d prefer a home in a peaceful residential area, both urban and suburban living is possible in Paris. Singles and couples without children prefer central locations, while families often look to the outskirts in order to purchase a house.

Yes, the cost of living in Paris is high, but consider how much you get in return. You’re not just investing in a home, but also a Parisian lifestyle, complete with exciting days and nights in a sophisticated city, some of the world’s best bistros and bakeries, gorgeous scenery, access to the highest fashion, and surroundings filled with world-famous landmarks and museums. Continue reading

La Grande Dame en Fer, AKA The Eiffel Tower

Possibly the most symbolic thing about Paris, the Eiffel Tower, or as it’s colloquially known, the Grand Iron Lady, is located in the 7th Arrondissement. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, let alone Paris. Therefore, you know that living in this area, you are going to guarantee an absolutely stunning view.

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