Searching for the perfect French property can be overwhelming. While there are plenty of choices waiting for you, figuring out the right one can take a lot of patience and local knowledge. When you’re wanting to buy a home in France, it’s best to work with a French property finder who specializes in the area where you’re looking to buy. This service is ideal for overseas buyers who are going through the sales process from another country. You’ll be able to rely on an expert who has in-depth knowledge of the area where you are looking to buy.

Property finders save buyers both money and time. Their services are free to buyers because their fee comes from the commission of the selling agent. Plus, property finders will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal possible. Here are three more reasons why you should consider hiring a French property finder.

You’ll be able to find the exact property you want

Property finders offer a tailor-made service. They work closely with buyers from the beginning of the process, listening to exactly what each client wants. Property finders are committed to understanding precisely what you’re looking for. Most importantly, your property finder will give you honest, unbiased advice. They won’t try to steer you toward a particular property or agent, especially if it isn’t in line with what you want.

It’s best if you already have an idea of the type of property you’re looking for. Make a list of the amenities you must have as well as things you definitely want to avoid. There are several types of properties to choose from in France, making it realistic to search for one based on both your practical needs and your aesthetic preferences. You can have a home with a lot of living space in a rural setting or a classic apartment in the heart of a bustling city like Paris. You can find a permanent residence or a occasional holiday home that you can rent out when you’re not using it. You can also search for a home that can double up as a B&B or a vineyard business.

Your property finder will search the whole market to uncover the ideal home or investment property for you. In order to select from a broad range of options, property finders work closely with notaries, private owners, developers and agencies. Thanks to their inside knowledge, they’ll also be able to show you exclusive, off-market properties that suit your criteria.

You’ll benefit from their expert knowledge of the industry

When buying French property, the only way to make a smart purchase is to understand the local property market – or to work closely with someone who does. French property finders have extensive local expertise and they’re happy to share their knowledge with their clients. For example, if you plan on renting out your property when you’re not using it, a property finder will help you figure out the income-to-value ratios for several properties until you find one that’s worth the expense.

Property finders are also able to recommend the best specialists to help you with taxes, finances and legal issues. You’ll need several professionals on your side during the process, including a mortgage broker to help you with a mortgage approval and a forex company to get you the best rate when you’re ready to change your money over. You’ll also want a legal advisor to assist you during the final stage of the purchase and to proof documents that have been translated. If you’re going to be renovating your property, you’ll need to contact a project manager who can hire reliable contractors.

You’ll get much-needed support throughout the buying process

The best French property finders speak several languages. At Home Hunts, our specialists speak fluent English and French. We also provide support for additional languages, including Russian, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and more. While conversational French is a good start when you’re moving to a new country, it’s not thorough enough to get you through the many real estate meetings you’ll be attending.

Once you’ve agreed on a short list of properties, your property finder will setup viewings. They will accompany you on all viewings, helping you assess the pros and cons of each property. For people who are not familiar with shopping for French property, it’s not immediately obvious when a home needs major renovations. Your property finder will be able to discuss the realities of each property with you so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Once the sale is agreed upon, they will stick with you throughout the property buying process to ensure it’s hassle-free. They also offer after-sale support, including utilities setup, home improvements, rentals and management.

Find out how Home Hunts can help in your property search

If you’d like to speak to Home Hunts regarding our property finder services and help in finding your perfect property in France then call our team of property consultants directly to talk about your specific requirements, call +33 (0)970 44 66 43. Our team of property consultants can hand pick a selection of properties that closely meet your requirements.

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