9 Pros and Cons of Living in Spain

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Moving to Spain is a dream come true for those who are ready to find the perfect property and relocate to one of the most exciting and cultural places in the world. Though there are far more pros than cons when it comes to living in Spain, we’ve highlighted the main ones you’ll want to think about when planning your move.

property finder service in Spain

The Pros of Living in Spain

Agriculture and Food

If you’re a foodie, Spain is a wonderful blend of delicious, regional cuisine. Each city is known for its own selection of delicacies (in Barcelona, street food reigns supreme) and there are enough Michelin-starred restaurants to fill up your weekends for months. Many meals are served family-style, making them ideal for dining with groups of friends. The country has a big agriculture industry, too, and a lot of the food you’ll find in restaurants and grocery stores is locally-grown. Thanks to Spain’s great weather, you can also setup your own garden and grow produce year-round.


You’ll find that a lot of the people you meet in Spain are friendly and welcoming, and it won’t be too difficult to assimilate and make friends. There are also a lot of expats in Spain, which may make the transition easier. Join communities online before you even arrive and you may have a friend or two once you’re officially a resident.

Life’s a Celebration

So many Spanish towns seem to celebrate all day (and night) long. Stroll through the streets of Old Town to see bright flowers, hear upbeat music and gather with the rest of the crowd. You’ll rarely get through a week without another fiesta to enjoy and a lot of locals think nothing of taking an afternoon off work to relax with friends. Plus, pubs stay open extra late, even during the week.

Outdoor Activities

Spain has some of the world’s best beaches, with plenty of opportunities to try your hand at swimming, sailing or extreme water sports. With a strong focus on health and wellness, most Spanish towns have plenty of fitness opportunities, including hiking and biking trails. Even if you live in an urban area, Spanish cities are often on the small side, making it easy to hop in your car and escape to nature for the day.

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Spain is known for its fantastic weather and you’re likely to enjoy 300 or more sunny days per year. While some cities do see snowfall (perfect if you like the change of seasons or winter sports), wintertime is rarely cold in most of Spain. Summers are hot and have little rainfall, meaning you can take in the sunshine and warmth practically every day.

The Cons of Living in Spain


When moving to Spain, there are a lot of documents to complete and you should expect to spend several days registering with a variety of offices. Always keep copies of your documents and ID on you, even if the offices should have them as well. Also keep in mind that bureaucracy in Spain can be a bit relaxed, so bring your patience.

Language Barrier

Few people in Spain speak fluent English, so you’ll need to learn the language, especially if you’re going to be looking for a job. It’s also important to know the language during your move – the relocation process will be difficult if there’s a language barrier. The more you try to assimilate, the more you’ll be accepted by locals.

Long Waits

Life moves a bit slower in Spain, which is, admittedly, part of the country’s charm. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people and businesses don’t adhere to a strict schedule, though. The “morning” can stretch to around 2 p.m. and the “afternoon” can go until after sunset.

Tourism in August

August in Spain is particularly busy and the coastal areas can get crowded with tourists. Remember, though, that tourism means rental opportunities and that more jobs are available. Plus, while tourism may be heavy, the cities come alive with energy.

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