10 Best French Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Best French Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following 1

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms around at the moment. It’s a fantastic source of inspiration no matter what your interests maybe. From travel, urban and street photography, luxury lifestyle, beauty and fashion, they are all common subjects to be found on Instagram.

Below we have gathered together a selection of 10 of the best french Instagram accounts to follow about France. Many of these instagrammers are based in Paris while others showcase a stunning selection of imagery from other areas of the country.


1. @vutheara

VuTheara Kham is a French photographer who is based in Paris. If you are interested in street and urban photography, then this is an Instagram account worth following as it beautifully captures a stylish view of life on the streets of Paris. He following is testament to the quality of the photos he posts.

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2. @jeffonline

Jefferson aka @jeffonline is a photographer and content creator from Paris whose Instagram portfolio consists of an inspiring selection of famous city landmarks, urban cityscape and landscape scenes. After looking from this fantastic collection of Paris photos it’s not hard to see why he has amassed such a following.

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3. @juanjerez

Juan Jerez is a Paris based photographer who posts an amazing collection of architectural photography from around his home city. Tall buildings, perspective and early morning sunrises are a common theme on this account.

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4. @misscoolpics

MissCoolPics is the Instagram account of award winning photographer Joanna Lemańska. Based in Paris, Joanna has become well know for her style of street and architecture photography. This is another account you should be following if you want a glimpse of life on the streets of Paris.

5. @chateaugudanes

@chateaugudanes is the official Instagram account for an Australian family who are currently working to restore Chateau de Gudanes in the South of France. The account beautifully documents the restoration process of this magnificent building through a stunning collection of photos.

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6. @topfrancephoto

@topfrancephoto is an Instagram account that curates an amazing selection of photos from around France from a variety of different photographers. It is an excellent source of inspiration and well worth checking out if you love all things French.

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7. @antone_lep

@antone_lep is a creative director and photographer who has amassed a huge following on Instagram thanks to his urban photography taken on the streets of Paris. His photos take in empty city streets and famous landmarks taken from unusual angles and using wonderful perspective. This is a very inspiring account.

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8. @wheninparis

Shannon Ferguson aka @wheninparis is an American living in Paris. Through her Instagram account she documents life in Paris (and occasionally further afield) with her iPhone. Like many of the Paris Instagrammers, Shannon captures snippets of life, street scenes, park land and architecture from this wonderful city.

9. @chamonix_france

@chamonix_france is the Instagram account of www.chamonix.com an amazing go to resource for anything to do with Chamonix. This account is full of some breath-taking landscape scenes taken at the heart of the French Alps.

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10. @thisissttropez

St Tropez is a city that is renowned for its elegance and stylish surroundings which is why it is a magnet for the rich and famous. @Thisissttropez posts the very best photos from its curated hashtag and offers followers a glimpse of the finest views to be found in St Tropez.

Who is your favourite?

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