How To Maximise Your Holiday Home’s Rental Income in France

How To Maximise Your Holiday Home’s Rental Income in France 1

Beachfront properties on the Med, picture-perfect Alpine lodges, penthouses with views of the most exciting cities in the world — it’s no wonder why living in France is a dream for many.

Add to that year-round cultural activities, heart-pumping adventure sports, fine dining, and high-end fashion, and buying a holiday property in France sounds like the ideal escape when you can get away.

If you’re not going to be using your holiday property all year round and you are considering using it as a holiday rental, it will be important to maximise rental income while you’re away.

In this article, we’ll discuss the things to keep in mind when searching for your holiday home in France. There are specific features to look for that appeal to buyers as well as renters.

How To Maximise Your Holiday Home’s Rental Income in France

What Makes a French Property Ideal for High-End Rentals?

There are a number of details that make a French property ideal for high-end rentals. They range from choosing a prime location and paying close attention to luxury property features to offering VIP services and highlighting unique features that other properties don’t have.


Popular regions in France for luxury rentals include the Cote d’Azur, Paris and Provence. When looking for a holiday home in France that you plan to rent out, match the location to your rental plans.

For example, if you’ll be using the home frequently and only renting for short periods of time, it’ll be important to select an area where you want to spend your time. You’ll be the one using the home the most, after all.

On the other hand, if you’ll be renting out your property most of the time and only staying there now and then, look for a home with a constant flow of year-round tourism. Consider the French Riviera, which has appeal all the time thanks to mild weather and regular events.


Consider your target renters and what they’ll be looking for in a rental.

For example, if you want to buy a home in France with multiple bedrooms, you’ll probably be renting to large families or groups. Consider where those tourists visit when they holiday in France.

If you’ll be buying a luxury apartment in a bustling city, you may need to appeal to younger renters or couples. Or, if you’re looking in an area of France that hosts a lot of industry conferences, you may be renting to businesspeople who come into town for short stays.

Knowing your target audience and what they’ll be looking to rent will help you determine the key features to add to your must-have list.

Key Features

These are some of the most common amenities and features that renters want to see:

  • Close proximity (within walking distance) to the city centre
  • In-home lifts for transporting ski or other sporting equipment
  • Swimming pools and/or direct beach access
  • Outdoor spaces for dining, entertaining or relaxing
  • Historical or architectural features that set the property apart
  • Concierge services for help arranging activities and events

Features that renters look for will vary based on property type, location and purpose (business trip versus ski weekend, for example). Your property agent can help you create a list of features you want in your new home.

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How Can You Effectively Market Your Luxury Holiday Home?

The market for rental properties in France is competitive, and well-planned marketing is necessary to gain an advantage:

  • Hire professionals to stage your home and take photos that highlight its best aspects
  • Sell the special benefits and features of your property
  • Leverage customer reviews to provide social proof that your property is worth choosing
  • Provide stellar customer service by responding to queries and reviews quickly and professionally
  • Use social media to increase brand awareness and connect with travel influencers
  • Partner with tourism organisations to get the word out about your rental

Once you have your marketing materials and plans in place, list your property on high-end rental platforms like Airbnb Luxe and OneFineStay. Creating a compelling listing description that targets your audience and puts the benefits of your property front and center.

What Pricing Strategies Should You Adopt for Maximum Income?

There are a number of pricing strategies you can use to get maximum income while catering to the needs of your renters. These strategies will help you get more bookings without devaluing your property.

  • Research pricing in your area. Your goal is to complete without underpricing your property. You can set your rates the same as similar properties and highlight standout features; set your rates slightly lower than similar properties; or try a combination of both tactics.
  • Adjust pricing during peak times and seasons. For example, when demand is higher for ski chalets in the French Alps during the winter, you can raise your prices. When tourist season is slow, lower your prices to encourage travelers to book your property.
  • Offer discounts for early bookings and long stays. For example, if your property is booked 6 months or more in advance, you can deduct a percentage of the cost. The same goes for long stays — you’ll save by not having to juggle multiple bookings during that time, and you can pass some of that savings to your renters.

By thinking about what customers want, you can price your luxury rental property to attract their attention while still charging high-end rates.

How Can You Enhance the Guest Experience to Encourage Repeat Bookings?

There are numerous ways to enhance the guest experience, encourage positive reviews, and gain repeat bookings. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make the check-in and check-out process as seamless as possible. The fewer steps you make them take, the more enjoyable their visit will be right from the start.
  • Add personal touches to luxury amenities. Have a stack of fresh towels by the hot tub, provide snacks in your home cinema, or have a water cooler in your home gym, for example.
  • Allow guests to bring pets, and put together a cat- or dog-friendly welcome kit.
  • Arrange for daily or every-other-day cleaning services, as long as your guests want housekeeping.
  • Hire a private chef to prepare in-home meals for your guests.
  • Help your guests get around town by providing chauffeur services or giving them access to a luxury car.

The niceties you offer will depend on your location, property type, target audience, etc. Think about what your specific renters will want to decide which extras to offer them.

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How Do You Maintain and Manage Your Property Efficiently?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect property for both you and your renters, you’ll need to keep up with maintenance and repairs.

Here’s a great tip: Even if you’re not going to use your home very often, try to stay there for at least one week every so often in order to spot anything that has to be fixed or upgraded.

The following three suggestions will also help with property management.

After you purchase your property, make the necessary upgrades.

Replace any fixtures and fittings that are older, in disrepair, or of low quality. The more you invest at the start of ownership, the longer your home’s fixtures will last and the less you’ll have to pay later on.

Have heating/air conditioning units, laundry systems, and pool systems serviced annually.

Renters will use these amenities often, and they won’t necessarily take great care of them. By having a professional check your home regularly, you’ll avoid emergencies, like the heating system breaking in the middle of winter. Not only could that result in paying a premium for emergency repair, but you’d also have to discount the rental price.

Work with a property manager.

Since you’re not going to be in your home all year long, you’ll need to make sure it’s in tip-top shape so that you make a good impression on your guests. Not only will this help you attract repeat business, but it’ll put you in a better position to get glowing online reviews.

A property manager may help with any or all of the following:

  • Manage bookings and guest communication
  • Make sure that your home is neat and clean
  • Ensure that everything is functioning as it should
  • Arrange for someone to be available if your renter has a problem
  • Comply with French rental regulations

Even if you live somewhat near your holiday home, having a property manager is a big help when you’re not able to immediately deal with a situation that arises. To be viewed as a professional by your renters, your property needs to reflect high standards.

Final Thoughts

Having a holiday home in France promises that you can always escape to a beautiful setting when you need some time away. When you’re not using your property, though, you can bring in extra income by renting it out.

Carefully selecting your rental property means considering location, access to amenities and extra luxuries that cater to your target audience. By taking proactive steps when you’re searching for a property and after you’ve bought it, you can maximise your rental income and ensure you’re able to enjoy your holiday home when it’s your turn to stay there.

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