7 Common Questions Asked by Vineyard Buyers in France

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Europe is leading the wine industry and it has France to thank. There are so many different types of grapes that are cultivated in France because of its wide range of climates. Both well-known and rare varietals are grown there, all of them contributing to France’s established wine culture.

French Vineyard Property

Owning a French vineyard property comes with a storybook-worthy lifestyle as well as the opportunity for a booming business. With 1.9 million vineyard acres to choose from, you’re sure to find the property that fits perfectly with your dreams and aspirations.

Even though buying vineyard property in France may be well worth it, the process can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. It’s important to understand the basics, especially if you haven’t had experience running this type of property before.

There’s a lot to consider, from how many grapes go into just one bottle of wine to what you can expect to be included in the asking price.

1. How many grapes are needed for one bottle of wine?

Each bottle of wine includes between 600 and 800 grapes. Depending on the type of grapes being used, this may require anywhere from three to ten clusters. The amount of grapes your vineyard can yield per acre depends on things like vine and row spacing, variety, age and vintage conditions.

2. How much wine will I be able to produce?

Vineyards usually produce between two and ten tons of grapes per acre. One barrel of wine holds 60 gallons, which equals 300 bottles or 25 cases. One ton of grapes will give you slightly more than two barrels, which equals 720 bottles or 60 cases.

3. How can I ensure that my vineyard will be successful?

Your best option is to buy an established vineyard that has mature vines and is currently being maintained. It’s best to buy a vineyard property with quality vines, a good reputation and a distributor.

If you buy a vineyard that’s not up to date, you could have three years of losses before you’re able to produce a substantial volume of wine. Also, make sure that the buildings suit your goals. If you want to open a restaurant or B&B, look for property that already has one available or that can, at the very least, be turned into one.

4. How does the price per bottle fluctuate?

The quality of wine you produce plays a major role in how much you can sell it for per bottle. Négociants should get the lowest price; customers at wine shops or who you export to should pay the next highest price; and the highest price can be given to bottles that you sell retail on your property.

5. How do yields differ between vineyards?

A low-yield vineyard will produce approximately two tons of grapes per acre, resulting in approximately 1,440 bottles of wine or 120 cases. A high-yield vineyard will produce around ten tons of grapes per acre, resulting in 7,200 bottles or 600 cases.

6. What costs are included in the purchase of a vineyard?

The price of a vineyard is based on several factors, like age of the vines, grape variety, maintenance quality, plot configuration and building conditions. When you buy a vineyard, you purchase much more than just the acreage where the grapes grow. You’ll also purchase all of the buildings and land, equipment, the business portion of the property, and the remaining vats and barrels of wine at their current value. The asking price can be negotiated, but conveyancing cost and taxes cannot.

7. How many people will I need to work the vineyard?

Running a vineyard is difficult, requiring a specific set of skills and a lot of physical labor. The vines have to be protected from weather and disease, which requires daily care. Every ten to fifteen hectares of vineyard property require one employee.

When you work with a buyer’s agent from the beginning, you’ll find the perfect property and get it for the best deal possible. An agent can help you with every step of the process, including finding a property matching your requirements and making an offer based on its true value.

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