Top Reasons to Move to Monaco

Top Reasons to Move to Monaco 1

Monaco accounts for 2% of luxury real estate for sale in the world, which is a lot when you consider its size. As the second smallest country in the world, why is it that so many rich and famous people choose to live there? Aside from the glorious weather and glamorous lifestyle, what does Monaco really have to offer you once you move there?

Fountains at dusk in Casino square in Monaco

Tax Haven – The main reason many celebrities, sports stars and business royalty move to Monaco is to reduce the income tax they must pay to other countries. Monaco residents are not subject to pay tax on their worldwide income. Some countries will insist that Monaco residents pay tax to them should the majority of their earnings originate in that country, however, residents working sporadically or all over the world can avoid paying it altogether.


Luxury Real Estate – Another reason many people choose to live in Monaco is to purchase a piece of luxury real estate. Monaco’s magnificent properties attract investors from around the world. Their palatial and extravagant homes are nothing short of extraordinary, making Monaco a weird and wonderful place to live.


Safest Place to Live – Despite all the luxury on show, Monaco is one of the safest places to live in the world. Crime rates are low and the police force is renowned for its efficiency. If you want to put your wealth in Monaco, you can bet it is in safe hands.


Perfectly Situated for Business – Monaco is a great place to live as it is perfectly situated for easy travel between major European cities and stunning destinations. Just 30 minutes from Nice airport and close to France and Italy, it is ideal for businessmen who require easy access to industry hotspots.

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