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The Insider’s Guide to Languedoc

Life in the Languedoc is like nowhere else in France. A thriving wine region with snow-capped mountains, spectacular beaches, fascinating history and gastronomic dining at every turn, the choices are endless.

The Insider’s Guide to Languedoc


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An Insider’s guide to the Minervois

Are you dreaming of a country home in France that’s surrounded by vineyards and where the local wine is something to write home about? Then perhaps you should consider buying a property in the Minervois.

Deep in the South West of France in Languedoc, stretching across the Aude and Hérault departments, is the Minervois. A well-respected wine region, but unspoilt and undiscovered in comparison with areas like Bordeaux or Provence, the Minervois’ 5,000 hectares are home to glorious wine, fascinating locations and captivating countryside.

From hidden châteaux to village houses adorned with local red marble, the properties available in this region are as compelling as its historic roots and gentle way of life.

An “up-and-coming Vaucluse”

An Insider’s guide to the Minervois Simmons

“Personally, I like to think of the Minervois as an up-and-coming Vaucluse,” says Julie Reaney, a Home Hunts consultant who has lived in the region for the last ten years. “It is rugged and rustic, from the foothills of the Montagne Noire (Black Mountains) down to the valley and the Canal du Midi, where the vegetation shifts from heavy forests to vineyards and the climate changes from cool to hot.”

With golden Mediterranean beaches around an hour away and the closest ski resort a two-and-half-hour drive in the Pyrénées, weekends or day trips spent skiing, swimming, hiking and cycling are part of everyday life in the Minervois.

An Insider’s guide to the Minervois


Exploring the Grotte de Cabrespine, which is filled with crystals and rock formations, is a visit that Julie highly recommends, as is a trip to Lac de la Cavayère, otherwise known as “Carcassonne Plage”, for water sports, sandy beaches and family-friendly activities.

The Canal du Midi is one of the most spectacular sites in the region. The brainchild of Pierre-Paul Riquet, this 240km weaving waterway, runs from Sète up to Toulouse and was completed in 1681. Passing by the UNESCO-listed fairy-tale city of Carcassonne, it flows through the hilly countryside of the Aude and, at one point, through the charming La Somail.

Where to buy property in the Minervois

An Insider’s guide to the Minervois

“ Simmons”

A quaint, picturesque village, La Somail is a good place to hire a canal boat as it offers a “lock-free” round-trip journey through the Minervois. For those looking to buy property in Languedoc, La Somail offers good value for money and is the perfect location from which to enjoy regular holidays in the area.

Cruising the Canal du Midi is just one of the many special activities you can do in the Minervois. “You can cycle through the plains and mountains, enjoy wine tours and tastings, eat at great restaurants, and have wonderful picnics by the river, where you can also kayak and swim,” says Julie. “Horse riding enthusiasts can ride through the mountains and along the coast, and hikers can explore beautiful natural landscapes to their hearts’ content.”

Another location which Julie recommends to property hunters is Bize. Located on the River Cesse with a pebbled beach, it’s a place where families and friends swim and relax during the holidays. A vibrant market town, Bize is renowned for its olive festival in July, where wine tasting and local delicacies can be enjoyed, and live music evenings are regular events throughout the summer.

Around half-an-hour from Carcassonne and Narbonne, Olonzac, the capital of the Minervois, is an excellent base from which to discover the region. Being slightly larger than some of the surrounding smaller, quainter villages, it has all the amenities and facilities required for daily life, as well as a bustling weekly market.

Just twenty minutes west of Olonzac, at the foot of the Black Mountains, lies the medieval town of Caunes-Minervois, which is famous all over the world for its red marble. Louis XIV was renowned for extracting huge blocks from the quarries, which was used in many famous buildings, including the Grand Trianon in Versailles and the Opera House in Paris, as well as the interiors of Caunes’ Benedictine abbey and buildings in the neighbourhood.

With quaint, narrow streets and a market three times a week, this is a popular destination for tourists and a wonderful place to live. For a special night out, dinner at La Table d’Emilie is one of the most highly-rated restaurants in the area. With a friendly ambiance and passionate chef cooking up seasonal delights, it is popular with locals and tourists alike.

If you are looking to buy property in the Minervois, visit Home Hunts’ portfolio at, but to speak to a consultant about your specific property needs and other villages of interest in the region, call +33 (0)970 44 66 43.



Live a life of luxury in Languedoc-Roussillon

When it comes to luxurious destinations in the South of France most people think of the French Riviera, known as the Cote d’Azur. Along this stretch of coast there are opulent towns and cities such as Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Antibes, which most often bask in golden sunshine under blues skies, and where the deep blue ocean is dotted with yachts and speedboats.

Live a life of luxury in Languedoc-Roussillon

Live a life of luxury in Languedoc-Roussillon

True, you can enjoy the finer things in life there, but fabulous fun is not limited to this part of France. The Languedoc-Roussillon region has an array of attractions that constantly draw in tourists and new inhabitants.

Wonderful weather

Languedoc-Roussillon is the southernmost part of France so boasts fantastic weather, very similar to that of northern Spain, which it borders. This is why thousands of tourists head to the region every summer, and why an increasing number of foreigners are choosing to buy property here.

A life of luxury relies on more than just boutique shops and fine restaurants. The weather has to be perfect – especially if you are thinking of buying abroad – and the Mediterranean climate of Languedoc-Roussillon is as close to perfect as you are likely to find in Europe.

Amusement for the affluent

While great weather is a must in a luxury hotspot there has to be more than that. Thankfully in Languedoc-Roussillon there is. The region is ripe for exploring and boasts a plethora of attractions for the affluent.

La Grand-Motte is a coastal settlement and popular seaside resort with a fabulous marina full of yachts. You could rent or even buy your own vessel and sale from one port to the next, lounging in the sun on deck with a cocktail in between harbours.

Nimes is another attractive town in the region with its own ancient arena, and much more history can be explored in nearby Montpellier, Perpignan and Carcassonne – the latter with a stunning medieval Old Town.

Fabulous food and wine
Exploring all those wonderful attractions and basking in the Mediterranean climate is bound to leave you feeling a little hungry and thirsty. Luckily France does alright (read: amazingly) with food and drink, and what luxury lifestyle would be complete without fine wine and gourmet dining?

Languedoc-Roussillon has myriad delights to eat with various local delicacies differing from town to town. Confit de canard, cassoulet, wild boar and truffles are readily available, as is a selection of fish caught fresh from the Mediterranean.

Wine is a speciality of the region, with over 740,000 acres of land being used for the production of grapes. Vines were first planted here in fifth century BC by early Greeks and Languedoc-Roussillon has been an important wine making centre ever since. This means you can enjoy excellent local wine with your Languedoc cuisine, or sat on your terrace in the afternoon sun.

If a life of luxury in Languedoc-Roussillon appeals to you, the fabulous properties listed at Home Hunts might be of interest.


Languedoc Property – Industry and Tourism

Before you look at buying a Languedoc property you should learn as much as you can about the area.


The Languedoc region specialises in a number of industries. If you are looking to relocate to and live permanently in your Languedoc property you should know what industry is booming in the area. Services are the largest sector of the economy in the region. In particular, government services employ a significant part of the workforce, especially in small towns.

Aerospace, electronics and bio-tech industries are common in Toulouse. High-tech, electronics, and computer industries are abundant in Montpelier. And pharmaceutical groups are widespread in Castres.

Elsewhere in the region industries are small and in decline.


The area is also a major tourist destination. If you are planning on renting your Languedoc property to holiday makers it is important to know how to advertise it. There are three types of tourism you can use to attract visitors to your Lanuedoc property.

First there is a massive summer tourism industry on the coast, with huge sea resorts such as Cap d’Agde, Palavas-les-flots or Grau-du-Roi, built in the 1970s.

Historic and art tourism is also strong, as the region contains the historic cities of Toulouse and Montpelier, countless Roman monuments (such as the Roman arenas in Nimes), medieval abbeys, Romanesque churches, and old castles.

More recently, sports tourism is on the rise, at the gorges of the Tarn River, the Ardeche Gorges, as well as the vast preserved expanses of Cevennes, Ardeche and Lauragais.

Tourism on the Canal du Midi combines history (for example viewing the nine locks of Fonseranes near Beziers) with activities such as boating on the Canal, and walking or cycling on the towpaths.

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The coast is not usually considered the main attraction in Languedoc but with long hours of sunshine, 200km of sand and relatively unpolluted water it’s worth considering.

The coast is split into four areas Aigues-Mortes, Palavas and Maguelone, Sete and Adge.  Areas have different attractions that are worth considering when buying and renting a Languedoc property.


La Grande-Motte is a modern development on the fringe of Camargue which attracts a number of tourists in the summer but can be a quiet place in the winter so rental potential will be seasonal.  A little to the East is Port-Camargue marina and Grau-du-roi, which has managed to retain some of the character of a working fishing port.  Eight kilometres inland is Aigues-Mortes, built as a fortress in the thirteenth century by Louis IX, its massive walls and towers remain largely intact.  The town is wholly designed around tourism, but you would be able to rent out your Languedoc property all year round.

Palavas and Maguelone

Palavas is the town that the citizens of Montpellier holiday in.  It has plenty of summertime activity but the rest of the year you might struggle to rent your Languedoc property.


28km from Montpellier Sete has been an important port for 300 years.  The upper part of the town nestles in the slopes of Mont St Clair, overlooking the Bassin de Thau, breeding ground of mussels and oysters.  The lower part is intersected by waterways lined with tall terraces and seafood restaurants.  The town has a lively bustle all year round with the summer being the peak of tourist activity. 


Midway between Beziers and Sete, Agde is historically the most interesting of the coastal towns. Originally Greek and maintained by the Romans today it is a major tourist centre with a good deal of charm and one surprising feature – its colour – black from the volcanic stone of Mont St-Loup.  Cap d’Agde lies to the South of Mont St-Loup and is the largest and most successful of the new resorts.  It has the best of the beaches with ultra modern facilities and Languedoc property in this area can fetch a healthy rent, but again it is seasonal.

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Before you look at buying a Languedoc property you should learn as much as you can about the area.

Languedoc is more an idea than a geographical identity.  The area was named after the Occitan or the Langue d’oc, the Gallo-Latin language of oc. 

The area of Languedoc is much smaller these days than it once was stretching from the vast coastline to dry, stony, vine-growing hills.

The Occitan movement objects to the Parisian bureaucrat’s determination to drag the area into the twenty first century.

It is a quirky, eccentric part of the world and, although things are changing under the impact of a modernised economy, the Occitanian identity remains strong.  Thousands of students still take the language at school and universities and a number of writers still use it as their language of choice.

The geography of the area is vast and changing meaning there is a lot to chose from when selecting your Languedoc property.

There are great stretches of dramatic landscapes and river gorges from the Cevennes foothills in the East to the Montagne Noire and the Corbieres hills in the West.  If you love walking in lush green rolling hills then it is worth exploring a Languedoc property in these areas.

There is fantastic ecclesiastical architecture in Albi and St-Guilhem-le-Desert, medieval towns in Cordes and Carcassonne, and unforgettably romantic Cathar castles in the South. 

If stunning architecture and quirky buildings is what you want from your Languedoc property then these areas are for you.

Finally there are great swathes of beaches with both buzzing major resorts or secluded stretches, so if a

beach house is your idea of paradise then a Languedoc property on the coast could be for you.

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