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Collection of articles about luxury vineyards in France from the award winning property specialists, Home Hunts.

Where to Buy French Property if You Want to Run a Vineyard

It seems like more and more French property buyers are looking to invest in a vineyard, whether for hobby or commercial use, or both. Vineyard property in France gives buyers the opportunity to retreat to a holiday home for part of the year or to relocate full-time.

Vineyard property ranges from quaint and petite, like stone residences set next to a hectare or so of vines, to spacious and sprawling, like airy farmhouses that look out over endless rows of grapes. Your new home can be as modest or as grand as you’d like.

Often, vineyard property includes a cellar with room for barrels as well as space for wine-making. Depending on the property you choose, you may also become the owner of wine-making equipment, such as thermo-regulated tanks. The best part about purchasing a vineyard, though, is that you’ll be in a wine-producing town, which are known for being hubs of cuisine, culture, festivals and indulgence.

Owning vineyard property in France means redefining your life in a brand new and completely exciting way. Here are 8 wine producing areas of France to consider if you are looking to invest in a vineyard.

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7 Common Questions Asked by Vineyard Buyers in France

Europe is leading the wine industry and it has France to thank. There are so many different types of grapes that are cultivated in France because of its wide range of climates. Both well-known and rare varietals are grown there, all of them contributing to France’s established wine culture.

French Vineyard Property

Owning a French vineyard property comes with a storybook-worthy lifestyle as well as the opportunity for a booming business. With 1.9 million vineyard acres to choose from, you’re sure to find the property that fits perfectly with your dreams and aspirations.

Even though buying vineyard property in France may be well worth it, the process can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. It’s important to understand the basics, especially if you haven’t had experience running this type of property before.

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Top 8 Wine Producing Regions of France

Wine-producing towns in France are centres of indulgence, surging with cuisine, gastronomical festivals and culture. Next time you’re in France, visit any or all of these nine can’t-miss wine hubs. Better yet, consider purchasing property in one of these thriving areas!

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Must-Read Advice About Buying a French Vineyard

Europe is the leader in the wine industry, and France is Europe’s wine frontrunner. A large variety of grapes are cultivated in France, both unusual varietals and more internationally well-known ones. Buying a French vineyard can offer both a unique lifestyle and a thriving business.

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The Appeal of Owning a French Vineyard Property

Europe dominates the wine industry and France is at the helm. Many people dream of owning a French vineyard, but just an exclusive bunch actually make their dream come true. Imagine taking a stroll through green vines exploding with colorful grapes. Behind the vineyard, the sunset washes everything with a warm glow. You sip a glass of wine that was made from your own land.

France is a desirable country to relocate to thanks to its rich history, dynamic culture and diverse beauty. While a holiday home may be enough for some, others aren’t satisfied until they own french vineyard property. Over the last few years, there’s been exponential growth in overseas buyers looking into and purchasing vineyards.

French Vineyard Property
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