8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property 1

Interior design pros know just how exciting a time it is at the moment. Property design experts and homeowners alike are in love with contrasts right now: light colours mixed with deeper hues; sleek, modern design with period styles scattered in; and earthy materials elevated with touches of opulence.

Here are 8 interior design trends that are taking over the luxury property world.

1. Brass Finishes

Brass finishes introduce a shiny gold tone to the home, but instead of polished brass, which has a reflective finish, the muted finishes of satin or brushed brass are popular. Brushed brass is also traditional enough to coordinate with a variety of styles and neutral enough to look great next to just about any color. For an eclectic, artsy look, mix satin brash with a few other finish types. You will find this to be a very popular feature in many of the luxury properties in France today.

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property 2

2. Earthy Materials

This year, so many design trends focus on the all-natural, including earthy materials to introduce a bit of the great outdoors to your home. Keep an eye out for clay and wood, plus different metals with purposely-worn finishes. To balance out darker colors and organic materials, mix in small touches of sleek marble here and there (like in your countertops or in smaller elements like light fixtures). It is a great way to co-ordinate the interior colour scheme of a French property in order to bring outside influences indoors.

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property 3

3. Feature Storage Walls

A large kitchen is the hub of any household, particularly in high-end luxury villas. No matter how large your kitchen is though, it probably seems like you never have enough storage space. To remedy this, make your kitchen walls work harder by doubling as storage space. Also, by adding extra storage to one specific wall, you can turn it into a feature focal point of your kitchen, and maybe even get rid of some cabinets or shelving elsewhere to give the kitchen an airier, more open look. To free up even more space and streamline the design, consider having integrated appliances that sit flush with the surrounding kitchen units and worktops.

4. Jewel Tones (Plus Velvet)

Whether or not you have a Bohemian-style home, rich jewel tones are likely to make their way into your décor. You don’t have to completely redo your colour scheme, though – jewel tones pair well with lighter pastels. You can also go the dark colour route with other dramatic tones like burnt orange, deep blue or teal, and combine them with rich fabrics for a truly luxurious setting. The richest of the rich fabrics is, of course, velvet, which seems to be everywhere this year, especially during the colder months.

5. Maxed Out Property Entrances

The entrance hallway of any property is the place that will make an initial first impression on visitors and the place that welcomes you home at the end of a day. No matter what size of hallway, whether large and spacious or small and compact, homeowners are starting to realise that devoting some special attention to detail you can create an entrance that either makes a bold design statement or is highly useful and efficient (or both). Doing so is time well spent, especially if you are in the process of selling your home.

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property 4

6. Natural Settings

Homes on the French Riviera are known for highly contemporary design, including minimalist décor, light colours, and tons of floor to ceiling glass that helps bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. Continue to evoke that all-natural atmosphere with greenery (and not just when it comes to house plants, though succulents and cacti are hugely popular). As one of 2017’s hottest colours, green elements and accents will introduce nature to your home, and it’ll work especially well if your décor includes warm tones and wood features. If green isn’t your preferred hue, other earthy colours to try include cinnamon, ochre, olive, powder pink, rust, sand and terracotta. If you lean toward a muted theme, these earth tones will introduce just a dab of colour. They’re also neutral enough to give you a canvas for more upbeat hues.

7. Shades of White

White on white is gorgeous and clean-looking. It is an interior design style that is popular in many high-end luxury villas on the French Riviera. However, if you are not careful and the whites are too bright, it can look stark and hospital-like. Keep the all-over neutral vibe by combining different shades of white and off-white. Mix linens, too – a thicker linen in the same white as a thinner, see-through linen may technically be the same colour, but they’ll look a lot different.

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property 5

8. Vintage Moments

Think about the time period when your home was created, then try to match some of the accents to that, like raw wood, books bound in leather, or nostalgic finishes and fabrics. Or, pick a design period that speaks to you (maybe you love how fabrics were hand-painted during the 40s or ornate, decorative, Louis-Era florals) and incorporate some of those vintage elements into your décor. Many design elements from the past can coordinate perfectly with modern design especially if you own a period property. This is especially evident in the luxury apartments of Paris.

8 Essential Interior Design Trends in Luxury French Property 6

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