Best Places to Live in Cannes

Best Places to Live in Cannes 1

Cannes, one of the most famous seaside resorts on the French Riviera, is located in the Alpes-Maritimes department in the Côte d’Azur region of France. Just 25 minutes from the international airport of Nice, it is one of the Riviera’s most popular destinations.

A thriving economic area with a non-stop events program, Cannes is also the annual host to the world-famous film festival and other industry-leading conferences and gatherings. In addition to being a prosperous city, Cannes is also sophisticated, chic, and endlessly popular, making it one of the most coveted places to live in the world.

Finding the right neighbourhood in the French Riviera is particularly important for affluent buyers, including celebrities and property investors. Specific areas of Cannes are synonymous with exclusivity and prestige, and each has its own characteristics that help it stand out.

Best places to live in cannes

What Defines an Exclusive Neighbourhood in Cannes?

The glamorous city of Cannes is known for its luxurious lifestyle. What exactly makes a specific Cannes neighbourhood more exclusive than others, though? Let’s explore.


The most exclusive Cannes neighbourhoods are typically in prime locations, particularly along the Mediterranean coastline with views of the sea and private beach access. Other sought-after locations are those close to landmarks, like the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, which hosts the Cannes Film Festival each May.

The proximity to important amenities is also what makes a location desirable or not. For example, many of the best neighbourhoods in Cannes are close to designer shopping, Michelin-starred restaurants, and private beaches. They also have easy access to luxury activities and services. You are also not far from some of the most beautiful villages in the surrounding areas which are perfect for relaxing days out.

History and Culture

Not all of Cannes’ top neighbourhoods are set on the water. Some are a bit further from the sea and close to cultural and historic landmarks, which adds to their popularity and exclusivity. For example, Le Suquet is inland from the Vieux-Port, an iconic landmark of Cannes that hosts breathtaking yachts. In Le Suquet, you’ll find the Musée de la Castre located in a medieval chateau, the Notre-Dame d’Espérance church, and a selection of Provencal bistros.

Property Value and Supply

The most exclusive areas of Cannes have property values to match. You’ll find high-end apartments, mansions, and villas in these areas, and they’ll have equally impressive amenities, like private pools, advanced security systems, and in-home spas.

Additionally, because these areas of Cannes are so popular, there’s a limited supply of available properties. When supply is low, demand is often high, which raises real estate prices. That scarcity makes property here all the more interesting to those looking to buy.

Well-Maintained Infrastructure

Since the local government wants to continue attracting affluent visitors and residents to exclusive neighbourhoods, there’s often more money invested in these areas than elsewhere. This has a cyclical effect, as the wealthy prefer to stay in neighbourhoods with landscaped public spaces, reliable roads, etc.

High-Profile Residents

Anywhere that attracts affluent buyers or visitors, including celebrities and jet-setters, is bound to become an elite area in high demand. As more high-profile residents buy or rent property in certain Cannes neighbourhoods, those areas become harder for non-A-listers to access.

Where Are the Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods in Cannes?

These are the top five most exclusive neighbourhoods in Cannes, with exceptional properties and the experiences you’d expect from such a lavish destination.

La Californie

Photo of La Californie in Cannes

La Californie is one of the most sought-after property hotspots in Cannes. Located close to the city centre, it’s perfect for getting into town quickly while also being positioned to provide beautiful views of the Estérel mountains, Cap d’Antibes, and the Lérins Islands.

La Californie has developed a reputation as an out-of-the-way haven for celebrities and individuals with a high net worth. Provencal-style houses and luxury villas boast top-notch privacy and security, plus must-have amenities like expansive outdoor areas with open-air dining sections and large swimming pools.

Le Cannet

Photo of Le Cannet in Cannes

One reason why Le Cannet is so beloved is that it’s slightly removed from Cannes but still close enough for residents or travellers to visit the city centre, which makes it both accessible and private.

Set in the hills north of Cannes, Le Cannet has a charming old town filled with history, art galleries, and Provencal architecture. You can find all sorts of residences here, from modern apartments to historic houses.

La Croisette

Photo of La Croisette in cannes

Having a prestigious address near the Boulevard de la Croisette — the Cote d’Azur’s most famous boulevard — means being near luxury boutiques, sandy beaches, and the best of Cannes dining and nightlife.

High-end apartments along La Croisette are always in high demand, and penthouses are the crème de la crème. Homes here typically have modern interiors, large windows, and spacious terraces with incredible views of Port Canto and Massif de l’Esterel.

Palm Beach

View from a Palm Beach, Cannes Apartment

Palm Beach is one of Cannes’ most luxurious neighbourhoods, boasting a quiet residential ambience and proximity to exclusive beaches. The prominent location and relaxing atmosphere make investing in a luxury apartment or penthouse here (with a sea view, no doubt) a wise choice.

There are also a lot of opportunities to live an active lifestyle in Palm Beach. The beachfront walkway is ideal for cycling, jogging, or walking, and water activities, like paddleboarding, sailing, and swimming, are also available.

Super Cannes

Photo of View of Super Cannes

The area known as Super Cannes is found in the hills of Cannes and Golfe Juan. Real estate in this property hotspot usually offers breath-taking views of Cap d’Antibes and the Lérins Islands and is known for being a peaceful haven away from the bustle of the city.

The locale’s spacious luxury villas offer the utmost privacy, and the area is a top choice for those seeking seclusion without feeling isolated. Properties often include additional buildings, like a separate apartment or guest house, as well as high-end amenities like a saltwater pool or tennis court.

What Are the Emerging Exclusive Neighbourhoods in Cannes?

There are a number of neighbourhoods that are on the rise within the Cannes real estate market despite not being the longstanding exclusive areas that made our list above.

Many of these neighbourhoods share the same characteristics:

  • There have been recent redevelopment projects to revitalise the area, including improving amenities, infrastructure and public spaces. Transportation links have also been improved, and there’s been new construction on commercial and residential buildings.
  • These neighbourhoods are more affordable than the top luxury areas of Cannes while offering many high-end properties and a similarly luxurious lifestyle.
  • Since space isn’t as scarce as in exclusive Cannes neighbourhoods, there tend to be more diverse property options, including apartments, townhouses and villas.

The following areas may not be ideal for investment properties if you hope to rent out your home throughout the year. However, if you’re considering moving to Cannes or buying a second home there and you’ll have a way to get around, you won’t be isolated despite not living in the city centre.

Basse Californie

Set close to the city centre of Cannes, Basse Californie has plenty of its own amenities, including cafes, green spaces, restaurants and shops.

La Bocca

While it’s an industrial area, La Bocca is set on the waterfront and has public and private beaches. There are also wonderful views of the islands and the mountain range.


With its many green spaces and recreational options (gardens, parks and sports facilities), Montfleury is particularly appealing to families. There is also a selection of libraries and museums here that enhance its cultural appeal.


This district close to Cannes is desirable because it’s so quiet and peaceful. You can find luxury apartments and villas here with garages, gardens and pools.

Petit Juas

This neighbourhood offers a residential setting with the ability to live an urban lifestyle. It’s close to the city centre, so you won’t miss out on the amenities, attractions and lifestyle of Cannes.

Final Thoughts: Making Your Home in Cannes’ Most Exclusive Neighbourhoods

When it comes to choosing an exclusive neighbourhood in Cannes, consider the location and proximity to amenities; the history and culture of the area; property value and scarcity; the neighbourhood’s infrastructure; and the elite residents the area attracts. Those elements are what makes Cannes’ top areas unparalleled options for affluent buyers, celebrities, and discerning property investors.

In La Californie, homes are private and secure, making the neighbourhood an escape for celebs and VIPs. In the charming old town of Le Cannet, art and history abound, and there are even historic properties if that’s what you’re after. Being near the French Riviera’s most popular boulevard in La Croisette also puts you close to luxury shopping, dining and entertainment, while Palm Beach has a more tranquil setting fit for outdoor lovers. There’s also Super Cannes, with spacious villas in an uber-private setting, providing a true escape while still allowing home owners to benefit from the best of what Cannes has to offer.

When searching for a luxury property in Cannes, make sure to partner with an experienced real estate professional. Your estate agent will help you find the perfect Cannes home that meets your preferences and tastes.

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