Want to buy a holiday home in France, but don’t know where to start?

Here are a few tips from the Home Hunts team that will help you to decide about how, when where and you would would want to buy a holiday home in France….

buy a holiday home in france

While mortgage rates are still low it is a good time to buy a holiday home in France. In many areas prices are on the cusp of rising so the market is offering plenty of opportunities to find an investment if you are looking to climb up the property ladder. France is such a beautiful and varied country so you should spend time considering areas.

How do you choose where to buy and what do you need to do to get to your end goal: to buy a holiday home in France?

Manage your expectations

The first thing to do is to remember that you’re buying a property in France, not the US or the UK, where the property market is vastly different and faster moving. In some parts of France, properties can be on the market for a year or more and the buying process is slower. Having said that, if you do find a property that you think is right for you, it’s best to start the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Working with a buyer’s agent like Home Hunts can help you find your ideal property faster than if you were searching alone. Home Hunts will offer you help and guidance every step of the way.

Be financially well prepared

When you are ready to buy a holiday homes in France, the Home Hunts team will help you ensure there aren’t any unsavoury surprises on your property-finding journey, but there are things you can do that will help the process to run smoothly. One recommendation is to ensure you are aware of all the costs involved, from the notary fees to “taxe foncière” and the cost for the loan guarantee.

Another aspect to consider is the organisation of the loan. If you are planning to obtain a mortgage from a French bank you should start talking to a mortgage broker as soon as possible. Home Hunts can recommend a range of independent mortgage brokers, as well as tax advisors, legal experts and currency exchange specialists.

While you can make the sale dependent on you receiving the loan, you should only proceed and sign the “Compromis de Vente” if you are fairly certain that the bank will approve your requested amount. After this you have a ten-day cooling-off period where you can back out of the sale if you so desire.

Experience a location before living there

Many of Home Hunts’ clients fall in love with a location after staying there on holiday and enjoying it on a daily basis. If you are not sure which area you want to buy in, it is strongly recommended that you find a way to explore some areas before committing to a property search there.

Home Hunts can suggest locations to you based on your criteria, but renting there, even if it is only possible for a short period of time, will mean you can judge for yourself whether it fits with your needs and expectations or not.

Get the help of a buyer’s agent

The Home Hunts team acts solely on behalf of you the buyer. During the buying process the agent negotiates on behalf of the seller, so this aspect of sale is far easier when experts, like Home Hunts, are guiding you through it.

Home Hunts’ consultants will be deeply knowledgeable about the property market in the area where you are buying a property, so you can be sure of getting the best deal possible.

Home Hunts are buyer’s agents, we are here to help you to buy a holiday home in France. If you would like to speak to one of the team to discuss your needs or just to have a chat about the market, you can call us on +33 970 44 66 43 or send us a mail to info@home-hunts.com. If you just want to browse through thousands of beautiful French homes, visit our website at www.home-hunts.com  keep up to date with our latest news at www.home-hunts.net or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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