New Film Explains Home Hunts’ Buyers’ Agent Service in Two Minutes

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A new short film from Home Hunts has been released to help clients understand its free, bespoke “buyer’s agent” service and introduce the dedicated team at their disposal.

Enquiries, sales and recommendations from buyers looking for luxury property in France have increased exponentially for Home Hunts over the last few years. However, despite it now being one of the market’s leading luxury property specialists, the team came to realise that many buyers discovering Home Hunts for the first time are not aware of the dedicated, personal and free service that is provided to each client.

“So far 2015 has been a fantastic year for the business with visits to the website up by 40% on last year, which has naturally lead to more enquiries and sales,” says Tim Swannie, Director of Home Hunts. “But some of the feedback we received made us realise that some buyers think we are a straightforward immobilier or a property portal. It wasn’t clear to all, for example, that we have a team of more than 30 multi-lingual property specialists throughout France who are there to hold our clients’ hands and guide them through the property search and buying process.”

As a buyer’s agent, Home Hunts partners with estate agents all over France so that clients only ever have to deal with Home Hunts to view all the properties for sale on the market. Buyers are also supported by a Home Hunts consultant who offers help and advice on every aspect of the buying process, from locating the perfect property to sourcing the best tax advice.

Although traffic is up on the website, and the exceptional service Home Hunts offers has always been detailed on its home page, the team wanted to ensure that all buyers coming to the site are aware of just how different Home Hunts’ service is compared with other estate agents in France.

“We decided that the time was right to get creative and make a film that explained it clearly, showed how approachable and professional our consultants are and illustrated the type of properties that we sell,” says Tim.

They enlisted the services of RoadDog France, the French arm of a London-based film production company, to make the two-and-a-half-minute film which can be viewed above but also on Home Hunts’ website, Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“We send out weekly newsletters to our clients so we will be informing them all via the newsletter too, as well as adding a link to the team’s email signatures,” says Tim, adding that they will also be running some advertisements and working closely with their PR partners so that the film can be seen by a wider audience.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he adds, “we haven’t created a Scorsese masterpiece, but I think the film explains who we are and how we work quite clearly. We absolutely love the outcome, I feel it really captures the beauty of France and, above all, I hope our clients find it useful and interesting to watch.”

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