The Perfect Place to Buy French Property: the Dordogne

Dordogne River, France

If you are looking to buy property in France, find out why real estate in the Dordogne offers the perfect balance of investment potential and lifestyle enhancement

Even in January, when the early sunshine has to push its rays through the glistening mist across the patchwork of fields and vineyards, there is a special ambience in the Dordogne that cannot be matched anywhere else in France. Enchanting in every season, it is a region that offers beauty and tranquility all year round.

Dordogne River, France

A ready-made English-speaking community

The Dordogne has famously been a favourite destination of the British for decades, but many people looking to buy property in the Dordogne are also from America, Australia, Denmark, Germany and other areas of France. Property owners can make friends all over the world from this little corner of France.

While the Dordogne is popular with retirees, who enjoy settling here safe in the knowledge there is an English-speaking international expat community ready and waiting (Brits make up at least 10% of the population), it is also an area where families relocate to. This is especially true since the Brexit referendum last June where Home Hunts has seen a rise in the number of buyers enquiring about permanent moves and primary residences.

Nowhere does French art de vivre like the Dordogne

Having been given a number four slot in the Lonely Planet’s “Top Places to Visit in Europe” last year, which also made it their top destination in the whole of France, the charm and allure of the Dordogne seems to grow stronger every year.

“Nowhere does French art de vivre (art of living) quite like the Dordogne,” reported Lonely Planet. “This quiet Garden of Eden is stitched from dreamy châteaux, medieval towns and walnut groves; gourmet village bistros and Saturday-morning food markets, where sweet Gariguette strawberries and seasonal black truffles are as common as muck. For travellers following the increasingly hip ‘local produce, homemade’ mantra, this foodie region – sans the crowds of Provence and 100% au naturel – has never been so alluring.”

The region’s culinary culture and reputation for exceptionally tasty local wine are just two reasons why a Dordogne lifestyle can be particularly agreeable, especially on warm summer evenings. “French property buyers choose South West France for the rolling green countryside, the beautiful old stone buildings, excellent cuisine and wine,” says Rory Ramsden, a Home Hunts consultant for South West France.

Extra income and long sunny summers

In terms of income opportunities, Rory knows that where his clients choose to buy property in France is as important as what they choose to buy. Many find that both boxes are ticked when they purchase in the Dordogne.

“The South West attracts international buyers who understand the value of peace and quiet, but still want to feel they can jump on a plan to a long-haul hub if they need to,” explains Rory. “The quality of life, the international community and long sunny summers will ensure that buyers enjoy owning a property here.”

Those wishing to buy property in France are often looking for way to monetise this new asset and secure an additional income at the same time. The Dordogne – a tourist haven and with its ever-growing expat community – offers potentially lucrative options to those wishing to go into the B&B or gite business. With international destinations available from the surrounding airports, such as Bordeaux, Toulouse and Bergerac, it is easy for business owners and tourists to fly in and out for weekends as well as lengthier holidays.

Buy fast and sell quick

“There are some spectacular renovation projects available on the market,” says Rory, “and when it comes to sell, a buyer can be found pretty quickly.” This area is still offering good value for money to buyers too, but with prices expected to rise throughout 2017, those interested are urged to look for deals as soon as possible in the early part of this year.

Style is a personal choice, but the majority of clients are seeking secluded locations with breath-taking views and looking for maison de maîtres, renovated farmhouses, properties with B&Bs or gites, and lifestyle vineyards. Price-wise, around two-thirds of buyer enquiries are for properties under €1 million, and one-third in the €1- €5 million bracket.

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