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Collection of articles about luxury property in South West France from the award winning property specialists, Home Hunts.

5 Luxurious things to do in Bordeaux

A modern metropolis with a legendary reputation, Bordeaux is brimming with luxurious experiences – here are Home Hunts’ top five…

Bordeaux is the fifth most visited city in France, welcoming more than five million visitors each year. With chic boutiques, world-class wine and gourmet restaurants in abundance, Bordeaux is a joy to explore and a perfect base from which to discover local vineyards and the sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast.

5 Luxurious things to do in Bordeaux

Spending time in Bordeaux is always special, but if you are seeking suggestions for some ultra-luxurious things to do in Bordeaux, here are some ideas. Continue reading

French Property Finder: Focus on The Gironde

With a smart city, famous wine, a surfing paradise and the longest beach in Europe, the Gironde is a spectacular place to own a property in France.

French Property Finder: Focus on The Gironde

Gironde is part of Nouvelle Aquitaine, which comprises the regions of Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes. A department steeped in history and traditions, it is home to Bordeaux, one of the most popular and progressive cities in France. Continue reading

5 Stunning Properties for Sale in South West France

Luxury homes in South West France blend original designs with upgraded, contemporary features. Often, these homes come fully furnished so you don’t have to worry about transporting or buying furniture when you’re ready to move in. Quiet without being far from the bustling city life of Bordeaux and Toulouse, these homes include features like helipads, underfloor heating, chef-quality kitchens and indoor swimming pools. Aside from part-time and full-time residences, you can also purchase commercial properties that can be rented out for weddings or used for wine tastings.

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The Perfect Place to Buy French Property: the Dordogne

If you are looking to buy property in France, find out why real estate in the Dordogne offers the perfect balance of investment potential and lifestyle enhancement

Even in January, when the early sunshine has to push its rays through the glistening mist across the patchwork of fields and vineyards, there is a special ambience in the Dordogne that cannot be matched anywhere else in France. Enchanting in every season, it is a region that offers beauty and tranquility all year round.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a French Property in the Dordogne?

Considered the best French destination for visitors by Lonely Planet and one of the most desirable locations to own property in France, what is it about the Dordogne which makes it so popular with buyers?

The Dordogne is a French department famously popular with expats and tourists. For buyers looking for property in France – whether a second home, permanent residence or income opportunity – the Dordogne’s unique blend of community, culture and commercial prospects provide a unique set up in the South West of France.

dordogne property

Here are six reasons why buying property in the Dordogne could be the best option if you are looking to buy property in France. Continue reading

French Property: Escape to the Dordogne

Rich in culture and history, a haven for fine wine and good food, and a thriving international expat community – it’s no wonder the Dordogne keeps ticking the boxes for buyers looking for property in France

dordogne property

A long-time favourite with the British, the Dordogne continues to charm and attract tourists and property buyers from all over the world. This year it is one of Home Hunts’ hottest locations in South West France, as shown in INSIDE FRANCE, a ten-page property insights brochure designed to help buyers find the best locations for investment. Continue reading

French Property: Escape to the South West France

Glorious mountains, ocean-side beaches, charming villages, sweeping vineyards, modern cities and fast airport access – South West France offers opportunities to all.

Vineyard in France

At Home Hunts, the regions of Aquitaine and the Midi-Pyrénées make up the South West France territory. As explained in Home Hunts’ recent property insights report, INSIDE FRANCE, the South West remains infinitely popular with overseas buyers. Continue reading

The Best Places to Live and Buy Property in the Dordogne

The Dordogne is famous for its spectacular scenery, delicious local food and wine and expat community, but where are the best places to buy?

Property in the Dordogne has long been a favourite with overseas buyers, and particularly the British. The region attracts a wide cross-section of people, from families making a permanent move to France, to retirees and those seeking a traditional French lifestyle and income opportunities through the tourist trade.

best places to live in the dordogne
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The Perfect Place to Buy French Property: Lot

A quiet yet spectacularly beautiful department, the Lot is gradually being discovered by buyers seeking property for sale that offers privacy, space and income opportunities.

Dordogne River, France

Part of the old province of Quercy, the Lot is on a cultural and gastronomic par with the neighbouring Dordogne, but with a more favourable climate and fewer inhabitants. It also has similarities to the Dordogne’s scenery, with dense green forests and sweeping vineyards, but in many places the Lot’s landscapes are rugged and wild, with valley peaks that offer breath-taking views over the countryside. The Lot’s quiet roads make cycling and walking a delight, and canoeing, fishing and horse-riding are also popular pastimes in this department. Continue reading

Where are the property hotspots in South West France?

Property in South West France is always in demand, but these are the five most sought after locations by Home Hunts’ clients in 2015


The beautiful and diverse regions of the Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine make up France’s South West corner. Infinitely popular with overseas buyers, the glorious mountains, ocean-side beaches, charming villages, sweeping vineyards, thriving, modern cities and fast airport access offer opportunities for all.

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